Topic: ~_-* SPOILERS*-_~ Laid To Rest 2 Discussion/speculation

This thread is going to contain big spoilers for the first Laid To Rest film, you have been warned

Im a big fan of the original and thrilled to hear that a sequel is on its way, but it leaves me wonder how will they continue it. 

Do you think they will bring back the original chrome skull? At first i thought this is what they might do but his eyes were fck'n foaming and his head was bashed to bits with a bat. It seems extremely unrealistic to me that he would've survived that and if he did, there would be no way he could function properly. Not that it was aiming for realism that just seems too far fetched even for this.

Then I was wondering if there are more chromeskull killers or if chromeskull was just a henchman for the sinister Preston.

What do you think they will do? Original Chromeskull, new Chromeskull, group of Chromeskulls or something different? I am very curious now lol

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Re: ~_-* SPOILERS*-_~ Laid To Rest 2 Discussion/speculation

so what is this laid to rest anyways... is it an after dark how many are there? lay me to rest I need some myself ... please and thank you

Re: ~_-* SPOILERS*-_~ Laid To Rest 2 Discussion/speculation

I was wondering the same. I'm hoping it's a different killer myself. But it's probably the same guy, just really fucked up LOL