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After reading other "help" posts on here I think I'm in the right place to find the name of a movie.

It is a vampire movie I saw in the mid 70's and I believe that Christopher Lee was the lead role although I am not 100% on this?

I remember a scene where some women where inside of a "House of Mirrors" in like a road side carnival of sorts. They got lost inside and the vampire finds them in the house.

I apologize for my memory being so vague.


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Vampire Circus, perhaps? No Chris Lee, but it's a Hammer film, and a good one. It just got a new release in dvd and bd.

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Well, Lee played Dracula in quite many films, but I can't remember any house-of-mirrors scene. I'm pretty sure you won't find one in "Horror of Dracula", "Prince of Darkness" and "Scars". I can't say anything about the others though.

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Here's a link for the above mentioned movie.

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I a quite fond of The Vampire Circus.... good movie

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Thank You all for responding and helping me out. It definately wasn't Vampire Circus (although that looks good).

I am probably wrong on the Christopher Lee role. I was probably 9 or 10  when I saw this so I'm sure my memory of it may not be accurate. I do remember it being a vampire movie however.......ahh the search continues.