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Lucio Fulci's trio of his US & UK based films, released together for the 1st time ever in this must-have "Godfather of Gore" definitive collector's set.

Titles Comprise:

New York Ripper: Do you like your horror films nice 'n' nasty? Then brace yourself for this notorious 1982 gem of depravity that is every bit as vile and stylishly shocking as you've been led to believe.

Directed by the old scalp-ripper himself, Lucio Fulci, he's in full flesh tearing form as the cops of New York hunt down a psychopath with a penchant for slicing his victims to the bone but not before he has his fun with them first... "Quack! Quack! Quack!"

If you've recently revisited old video nasties only to be disappointed then this is the ultimate sex 'n' slash fest to test your nerve with a realistic sadistic streak that will have you begging for mercy!

Manhattan Baby: From Lucio Fulci, the director of New York Ripper, comes his utterly bizarre descent into a surreal world of creepy kids, Egyptology, flesh tearing birds, walls that bleed, creepy tombs and much more!

A succinct plot synopsis is frankly near impossible but here goes: There's a possessed Egyptian amulet, what looks like a gate to hell and rip-off moments from a variety of classic genre films including The Exorcist, The Awakening, The Birds, The Omen and most notably Rosemary's Baby.

Despite the dubious plotting Fulci was at the height of his powers when he made this highly atmospheric and stunningly shot horror film that makes up in classic set pieces and pierced eyeballs what it lacks in coherence!

Black Cat: We all know director Lucio Fulci for his depraved nasties like New York Ripper, but if you're wondering why in France he's held in the same esteem as Hitchcock, then the deliciously eerie The Black Cat is a great place to start.

Inspired by the Edgar Allen Poe tale, this black cat is a malevolent moggy that stalks through a sleepy English town appearing to fulfil the murderous wishes of its owner, the sinister psychic medium Professor Miles (Patrick Magee in fine deranged form). What Professor Miles has not reckoned on is his cat turning him into the next mouse to slowly kill!

High on gothic atmospheric thanks to the moody cinematography of Sergio Salvati, this unusual Fulci tale of claustrophobic terror is a little seen gem that compares to the best output of the Hammer and Amicus studios.

      Suitable for 18 years and over.
    * Containing a booklet adapted by Stephen Thrower from his definitive, highly acclaimed book, "Beyond Terror - The Films Of Lucio Fulci
    * Each DVD with Reversible Sleeve featuring original artwork
    * The artwork of this limited edition set has been exclusively created for Shameless by top British film poster artist Graham Humphrey

          DVD Release Date: 25 Oct 2010

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You mean 'Arrow'/'Shameless' are flogging unsold copies of their old releases ("Ripper" being cut as well) through a box set.

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I like Fulchi films...he directed a cool music video for 'Bottin" too...

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I like some of Fulci's stuff.  When he was good, he was really good -- but he wasn't good all that often (IMO).  I've got the givens: The Beyond, Zombie, Cat in the Brain (not one of his "good" ones but enjoyably awful) and The New York Ripper. 

The Fulci flick I want, though, is Contraband (aka The Smuggler), a non-horror flick he made to cash in on the success of the mob movie waves of the 70s which began with The Godfather.  I first saw it about fifteen years ago and have been looking for a reasonably priced copy ever since.

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I agree totally LoudLon...go to youtube and check out the video he directed for bottin...its very close encounters esk...

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Come on he was the italian sleaze master..... shit I m trying to think of oll the flicks I got of his design. I have all his main plus those that arent exactly horror but its one of those nights lonny i cant think of the title// I think its :getting old" syndrome hmm

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Dario Argento and Mario Bava were a bit more sophisticated than Fulchi...don't get me wrong...I like him...

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I love Argento and Bava.  Like Fulci, Argento is hit or miss with me but his good movies are REALLY good -- I'm talking Tenebre, Opera, Stendhal Syndrome (my three favorites, though I like some of his others).

Bava was a wonderful director.  Everybody talks about Black Sabbath and Blood and Black Lace, but nobody ever talks about Shock which, while the story is lacking in parts, has a fantastic lead performance by Daria Argento and some of his creepiest, most elegantly executed visuals.

Demon -- I have had other Fulci flicks in the past but have mostly traded them off.  I've had Gates of Hell and Don't Torture a Duckling, for instance, but traded them off.  But I can totally relate to forgetting things -- I've always prided myself on having an air-tight and infallible memory but since I started inching closer to 40 (only ten months away now lol ) I've noticed some vacant spots in the ol' memory. 

I don't like it.

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I hear ya Aidan those two tried did slash compared to thier contemporaries no douybt Mr Fuchy sic went another way. Didn't care about quality just give the quantity of blood and gore...

I hear ya lonny but still what I was thinking of wasnt any you meantioned oh shit I might fave had a vinyl flasback I'm not exactly sure man

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The only one of those I don't own is Black Cat.

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Fulci's is one of if not my favorite horror director of all time. I love his style.

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Get' The Psychic'. Jennifer ONeil stars. Excellent film technique and a nice restrained tale.  One of his under the radar best. Not gory, for Fulci, but it does propel one. From Severin. Much better than the Black Cat.

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Fulci completes me!