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I am STOKED! The Wolverine film finally has a director and I now just have to wait to hear it has an R rating and all will be well in the land of mutants.

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Thats good news, Logan has always been my favorite Xman back to when I was reading early Xmen comics, there was a storyline in alphaflight a ways back that I thought was good before he was apart of weaponX he was discovered in the snowy country of Canada by Heather Hudson (Guardians wife) and it wasn't to long after he had his blades implanted or as logan would say his back scratchers wink and he went psycho and was filled with rage.

My point is I am hoping to see some more of the darker side of Wolverine I hope they can show more of his origin in the movie.

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thats a great arc goldenwarrior. i would like to see some s/e aisain patch era stuff maybe silver samurai as villian (giggles with neardy delight)

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The director for me came completely from left field.  DJ Caruso (Disturbia) and Len Wiseman (Underworld films & Die Hard 4) were the ones everyone was talking about directing it....Hood comes as a total surprise.