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Hey guys,

Next weekend (February 4th and 5th) we are holding a local Viscera event here in Athens, GA.  Shannon will be co-hosting the event and part of the proceeds will benefit PROJECT SAFE.


The Viscera Film Festival is coming to Athens Ciné!  Enjoy an evening of short horror films made by women and help a worthy cause in the process.

Hosted by filmmakers Shannon Lark (Viscera Creator) and Andrew Shearer (Gonzoriffic Films), the evening will include an array of short horror films, prizes and a SCREAMING CONTEST.  If you think you have what it takes, warm up those vocal chords and get ready to yell!

When: February 4th AND 5th, 2011
          Screenings at 10 PM and Midnight (4th and 5th) Midnight on the 5th

Where: Athens Ciné
            234 West Hancock Ave
            Athens, GA. 30601

Admission:  Only $5
                   PLUS a portion of the proceeds will benefit Project Safe

Event sponsors:

The Chainsaw Mafia
Fangoria Magazine
Gonzoriffic Films

Film Schedule:
Barbee Butcher  by Sophie Lagues
Consumed  by Lis Fies
Last Drawer on the Left  by Countess Samela
I Spit on Eli Roth  by Devi Snively
Roller Zombies  by Dayna Noffke
The Date  by Natasia Schibinger and Jennifer Gigantino
Mockingbird  by Marichelle Daywalt
A Fever and a River  by Rachael Deacon
Salome's Picnic  by Victoria Waghorn
Mary Jane Go Round  by Ginnetta Corelli
Switch  by Melanie Light
Fantasy  by Izabel Grondin
Beautiful As You Are  by Doug Mallette and Mary Katherine Sisco

VISCERA is a non profit organization committed to expanding opportunities for contemporary female horror filmmakers and educating the public by raising awareness of the changing roles for women in the film industry.  This event is a fun way to show support for the horror genre and its talented filmmakers.  Knowing that part of the proceeds will benefit PROJECT SAFE makes participation that much more rewarding.

For more information regarding The Viscera Film Festival and upcoming events, please visit

Re: Athens, GA VISCERA Event Hosted by Shannon Lark

damn I wish I could be there - sounds like a ton of fun and it goes to help charity, too. Can't go wrong with that.  I'd love to meet Shannon as well.  wink
Hope you have a great turn-out, darlin!  xoxo

Re: Athens, GA VISCERA Event Hosted by Shannon Lark

Looks like a good time, and for charity too = BONUS. Can't beat the price of admission either = double BONUS. Have fun and let us know how it went.

Re: Athens, GA VISCERA Event Hosted by Shannon Lark


tomorrow night, people - for those of you in the Georgia area

for 5 bucks you can see some great independent features by some talented women, scream your head off like a nut and help a worthy cause all at the same time
How can you frigging resist?   Support!!

Re: Athens, GA VISCERA Event Hosted by Shannon Lark

Get your tickets for the show online right now!  They are on sale until 5PM.  Don't miss out.  You know you wanna be there.  Canadians, you have an excuse so I'll let ya slide. wink

GEORGIA PEOPLE (and I know you're out there) come out and have fun with us!

Re: Athens, GA VISCERA Event Hosted by Shannon Lark

AND - the cinema features a FULL BAR, too!  Sweet, huh?

gotta work that alcoholic demographic for ya, mave LOL

Re: Athens, GA VISCERA Event Hosted by Shannon Lark

you realize you're gonna have to give me the run-down on 'I Spit On Eli Roth'.  lol

Re: Athens, GA VISCERA Event Hosted by Shannon Lark

HAHA No worries.

Everyone wish us luck tonight.  Since Shannon had to cancel and I'm co-hosting the show now, lord only knows what could happen.  lol

Already today, I got stranded at the university after our radio interview and had to hoof it all over campus in the rain.

And of course it's still raining full force so my hair looks like a tribute to Piper Laurie (guess it's fitting LOL)

I've got about two hours until the first show.  We'll see what shakes loose.  big_smile

Re: Athens, GA VISCERA Event Hosted by Shannon Lark

maven all wet and in dissaray.  sorry, but that sounds like good stuff. LOL

Once again, darlin - I wish you and the event all the best - go make me proud!
Keep a seat in your lap open for me in spirit LOL

Re: Athens, GA VISCERA Event Hosted by Shannon Lark

Okay, guys.  The event was AMAZING!  Thanks so much for the support.  I am also pleased to report that we did have one HM person drive up from Atlanta for the show.  Very cool, Droog.  Thank you!

Shannon couldn't make it because she got snowed in so I ended up hosting the event pretty much at the last minute.  It so was fun, though.  The screaming contest was hilarious.

AND we were able to raise a decent chunk of change for Project Safe.  big_smile

Incidentally, if you get a chance to check out the VISCERA DVD (you should) watch MOCKINGBIRD.  That is one of the freakiest and most effective shorts I have ever seen.