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Hey guys,

I hope you don't consider this spam seeing as how we're family and all.  smile  This is something close to my heart that I wish to share with those of you who might find it interesting.

For those of you who already know, you can skip the next few sentences and get down to the nitty gritty.  But for those who aren't familiar, Viscera Film Festival for Women was founded by Writer/Producer/Director/Actress and Champion of the Independents, Shannon Lark. Many of you already know her as founder of The Chainsaw Mafia.  She was also Fangoria's very first Spooksmodel.   Shannon (much like many of us here) wishes to foster creativity and give everyone the opportunity to express themselves through film or any other form of art.  That love of the independent spirit is what grew into Viscera. 

In 2010, Viscera held its first live festival which included screenings, prizes, food and general hobknobbery in LA.  For more detailed information, please head to http://www.viscerafilmfestival. com. You can also purchase compilations DVDs of past entries.  With those you will find films of varying lengths and a myriad of themes.  But you will not find boredom.

There are still two weeks left in the submission phase for this year but even if you can't make that, you can start getting ready for next year.  Submission is completely FREE! 

You can also go to IndieGoGo's Viscera donation page to help us make it all happen. Last year was a success and a dream come true for many artists why may not have had the chance to showcase their passion otherwise.  Please support these filmmakers or pick up a camera of your own.  And  don't forget to visit IndieGoGo.  Donations have perks, too.  And they're pretty cool ones at that.

Thanks for reading guys!
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I'll definitely give this a look. smile

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YAY!  Thanks, Ace.  You're a dream.  Men are not completely locked out.  As long as the production team is at least 50/50, a film can be entered.  We are attempting to encourage women, not block out men.  LOL  big_smile