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I am definitely looking forward to this one!

"Hollywood dreamboat Johnny Depp has announced his next project. The Pirates of the Caribbean star will play Barnabas Collins in Tim Burton's adaptation of the 1960's gothic soap opera Dark Shadows.

Deadline reports that it's been Depp's lifelong dream to step into the role of vampire Barnabas, who was played by Jonathan Frid in the original series. The soap, which ran on ABC from 1966-1971, featured a cavalcade of vampires, ghosts, werewolves, zombies and witches. But it was Barnabus who stole the show.

Dark Shadows will be the seventh collaboration between Depp and director Burton. The two first worked together on 1990's Edward Scissorhands and most recently on this year's 3D blockbuster smash Alice in Wonderland.

Warner Bros has been trying to bring Dark Shadows to the big screen for years, since picking up the rights from the estate of series creator Dan Curtis. Seth Grahame-Smith, the novelist responsible for Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, has been tasked with rewriting the script.

Depp's decision likely means he won't be free to co-star with Tom Hanks in Kathryn 'Hurt Locker' Bigelow's upcoming Triple Frontier. Word has it Mark Wahlberg could now be in line to snag that gig.

Dark Shadows, starring Johnny Depp as Barnabus Collins, is set to start shooting next April."

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I enjoy Tim Burton's films, and I enjoy Johnny Depp's movies too- especially since he has starred in some decent quirky and creepy roles.  The two of them have always been a good team.

Looking forward to seeing how this develops.

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Not a big Burton fan, but I will admit he turns out some good movies. (IMO) Depp, on the other hand is one of the best actors to come outta Hollywood in a long time, and I think he fits the role of Barnabas Coliins to a tee. I am really looking forward to seeing Dark Shadows in a theater.

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what a suprise another Tim Burton remake..

I'm not familiar with the original Dark Shadows so i'm kind of interested.. Though i'm not a big fan of Tim Burton generally.. he's very hit and miss for me...

Edward Scissorhands
The Nightmare Before Christmas

Others i thought were ok and others i thought were terrible..

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