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NOTE: Just to clarify.... I collect certain Korean horror movies on DVD.  I collect them from around the world, for their variant PACKAGING, everything from USA release to Chinese pirated versions. Of course I always buy the Korean DVD originals. So yes... that's right... I buy the same movie again and again just for the variant packaging. Hey... some people collect beer cans... I collect Korean horror movie DVDs. I have.. for example.... over 45 different releases for BUNSHINSABA, counting DVD, VCD, Video, and promo/press DVDs.

Anyway.... here's my recent haul of Korean horrors to add to my collection.

This is the recent JAPANESE release of Cinderella.

Next, we have the Mexican release of THE WiG.

Here's a cool variant DVD sleeve, from Germany, for Bunshinsaba.

And just arrived today is one of the sweetest DVD variants I own: the book-style digi-pack release from France for CINDERELLA, which oddly, borrows all the ad work and ad designs from the film DEAD FRIEND.... including the gorgeous (rarely seen) art workj on the cover.

And now it's on to the Chinese pirate releases.

And while many scoff at the Chinese pirate versions, there is NO scoffing at some of their packaging, which is just as gorgeous as can be.

Here is THE VOICE (sold flat) with slipcase and with matching cardboard jewel case sleeve still attached.
The titles on the slipcase are sliver embossed.

And here are some omnibus DVDs also from China.

Re: NEW Korean movie haul !!!

Cool collection. I especially like the A Tale of Two Sisters DVD artwork.

Re: NEW Korean movie haul !!!

Suspiria_89 wrote:

Cool collection. I especially like the A Tale of Two Sisters DVD artwork.

Yeah, the Chinese have some amazingly well packaged stuff on pirate versions. When I went to Shanghai, I went to this huge video store that was ALL stocked with Chinese pirated movies. It was incredible; bloody incredible.  Box sets, everything... 1000's...

Here's one: MOVIE WORLD

and right across the street: EVEN BETTER THAN MOVIE WORLD