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I've seen a couple of great short films lately and figured a thread to post and discuss some of our favourites could get interesting, and be a good source of entertainment.

First one is by Harmony Korine who you may know from writing Kids and directing Gummo amongst a bunch of other great (imo) films. It stars the South African band Die Antwoord as a pair of homeless wheelchair bound gangster's.
Umshini Wam:

Second one is by Dan Brown, and as far as i can tell it is his first recognised piece of work
Plot:A megaball drawing sends a convenience store spiraling out of control
Your Lucky Day:

Post whatever ones you may have seen lately or any long loved ones.

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Re: Favourite Short Films

Un Chien Andalou (Andalusian Dog)

and anything by Kenneth Anger.. Here is 'Invocation of my Demon Brother'

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Still Life

I loved this one.

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Un Chien Andalou is great, can't really go wrong when Dali is involved.

Here's an old fav.
Jan Svankmajer - Darkness/Light/Darkness

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The Right Side of My Brain.  Hard-to-find Richard Kern short starring underground rocker Lydia Lunch.  Bizarre and with moments of XXX but a doozy of a short.  Also features a skinny, long-haired Henry Rollins, if you can imagine that.

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"Invocation Of My Demon Brother" - Kenneth Anger

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Lunch's narration is amazing in Right Side!
A woman shockingly in tune with her own perversities.  It's really quite awesome LOL

Fingered is engaging, too, for other reasons

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I just found a download for both, part of the New York Underground collection.

Saw the collection way back in '97 or so.  Right Side is easily the highlight, but Fingered had its moments.

Incidentally, ever seen Red Spirit Lake?  Has Richard Kern in a small but memorable role which ends with him getting fist-fucked to death. 

Ah, class...

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I've got all that transgressive stuff - Tommy Tucker (?), Kern, Zedd.
big fan of Lunch 's too - have quite a few performance vids from her as well

and Red Spirit Lake.  check and mate - have it on a Film Threat VHS release
made an early list of personal recommendations some time ago, too.

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I thought we'd mentioned it in passing at some point a few months back but I forgot if it was you or not.  I was introduced to RSL (and Charles Pinion in general) courtesy of Something Weird's Sexy Shockers from the Video Underground label back in '96.  I found it a few months back as a torrent, but I failed to maintain an equal UL/DL ratio so I was booted off the site (Cinemageddon) lol

I never could get into Zedd despite my best efforts.  Never heard of Tommy Tucker, but I used to read Film Threat whenever I could get a hand on a copy.  But that was years ago; I might maybe have on issue in storage somewhere, but don't quote me on that.

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that's right!  I read about RSL thru Film Threat, but Something Weird actually distributed it.
Something Weird Video I discovered in the mid 90s too.  Still slowly working thru their catalog LOL

and Cinemageddon are finicky aren't they? LOL
God bless 'em though - they really are doing great work over there.  LOL

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I liked Cinemageddon.  An old chick friend of mine gave me an invitation code.  But it was before I got my new computer and broadband, so I couldn't upload much of anything, thus the imbalance.

But at least I got a copy of the HK flick My Heart is that Eternal Rose and Blood Frenzy before I got the boot.  So, yeah, I got that going for me.

By the way, in regards to Something Weird -- there are loads of Bucky Beaver torrents out there.  And I take it you've also seen Shatter Dead?  Maybe Sixteen Tongues?

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I have a ton of Bucky Beavers on VHS dubs when I used to rent their stuff thru Cinema Wasteland - a great mail-order rental company that now only sells merch, unfortunately

I cherish my 70's XXX trailer and Twisted Sex compilations from them.

and yeah I dig Shatter Dead.  never caught Sixteen Tongues though.

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Love Shatter Dead but Sixteen Tongues, IMO, was disappointing.  Nowhere near as existential or perverse as SD, though I'm sure it wasn't for lack of trying.  McRae had a bigger career appearing in SOV cheapies then he ever did making them.

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Frankenweenie by Tim Burton