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If you are a diehard fan of TOURIST TRAP, then this might interest you: … 3f0317f4a2

This is the limited edition, hardbox, OOP XKult DVD from Germany, and features the best print/image I have ever seen of this film; better than the USA dvd release. Of course.. it's a pricey dvd, but worth it for a diehard fan like me. Just throwing this out.

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Yikes pricey for sure.
I do want to pick this film up (not this version though), I enjoyed it, but I keep hearing the US DVD is fullscreen? That's the only thing that has been keeping me back really haha.
I if I was gonna shell out that much money for a DVD I would rather grab Final Exam (so mad I didn't pick it up when it was released, saw it often and even put it aside at one point before putting it back working at HMV, and then didn't buy it because it was 20 bucks haha...shame on me, now I am mentally paying the price).

EDIT: Nice find though. tongue

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Hey Vamp-
This version says it's 1.83 widescreen.  $9.  Hope that helps.

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^ Thanks that's good to know smile. I know it says widescreen on the cover of the DVD it's just that I have heard otherwise. Do you have that version?