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You'd know if you signed up for the newsletter.  smile  Do that and get a free "women horror filmmakers" sticker to show off your coolosity.  Once you get it, take a pic of it and we'll post it on the Viscera fan page at facebook.

http://viscerafilmfestival.us2.list-man … 6d975688d4

Also, if you want to really make a difference, hop over to IndiGoGo and donate (or at least pass us along) Viscera is a non-profit organization so you can be sure your money goes to something awesome like promoting women filmmakers in the genre.

PLUS THERE ARE SOME AWESOME PERKS!!!  You really need to follow the link below to check it out.  smile

Also, since we are non-profit, that means we are tax deductible.  If you or someone you know has a business that would like to promote us, there are perks for that, too.

Love you guys!!!

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Check out their collections from previous year's festivals, too, as a way to support them. I find their selections to be unusually intelligent and well done.

You might be interested, too, in an interview we did with co-director of the festival, Shannon Lark: … s/?p=1686. She gives a good interview!

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Thanks, dar.  smile  I didn't realize anyone from KDK12 was a member here.  Welcome aboard.

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I'm a newbie! Thanks for the welcome!

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Just donated for the cause. GL!!

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THANK YOU, Underdog!!!!  I cannot express exactly how much that means.  Please accept this virtual giant kiss and hug!


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No problem Maven, and your welcome. I know it's for a good cause and was glad I could help.

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