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The Fox network has decide to create a anti-heroic werewolf tv series based on the graphic novel!!! 

This is the site, where i found the information. … amp;t=5731

and this is the site of the graphic novel.

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Sounds cool. I'll check it out when it comes out on tv. I use to love a werewolf show that came out in the late 80's called Werewolf and starred Chuck Connors in it.

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Well, we'll have to wait  &  see. To me it sounds like a rather lame attempt at reviving Fox's WEREWOLF from the '80s, but I'm often not the best judge of TV series before they air. I've written off quite a few over the years that I wound up absolutely LOVING once I got a look at them.

    I very nearly passed on watching LOST because the premises of the show that I read beforehand made it sound like a dramatic redux of GILLIGAN'S ISLAND! It wasn't until one of the write ups in the TV GUIDE mentioned a monster that I decided to give the premiere a try  &  it's since become,perhaps, my all time fav television show.

    Then, just this spring when I heard about the premise for the CW's REAPER it left me cold, but I decided to at least catch the pilot because of Kevin Smith's involvement. Now, based on what I've seen in the previews, it's probably my most anticipated new show of the season.

    So, NIGHTWOLF could potentially be another good one that I'm initially blase' about.

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great post rosekiller. I am in the same boat as you.