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What's your favorite supernatural / paranormal reality show (or similar)?

Ghosthunters, Ghost Adventures, Destination Truth...Lost Tapes, something else?  Do you hate them all?

I liked Ghosthunters but don't really watch it now.  Even though Zac is irritating, I find myself watching Ghost Adventures.

Also, not tv, but I like listening to Coast to Coast AM radio, but it's on so late.

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I'd go-
Destination Truth (no BS fakery, that I can tell.  Plus Ryder is pretty)

Ghost Adventures (maybe fakery, but they are soooo into it)

Fact or Fake (I like how they do their experiments, Plus Jael is hot)

Lost Tapes (I like the fiction parts of it)

The Haunted (real people, some real footage)

Ghost Hunters International (doesn't seem to have jumped the shark like GH, yet.  Plus I got a thing for Kris Williams)

Ghost Hunters (I have close to zero respect for this show anymore)

Funny about Coast to Coast AM- back when I was dating Vampy, we lived 6 hours apart, so when I would go visit her, I be driving back to my apartment until about 4AM Monday morning, and it was fun listening.

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I use to love Ghost Hunters. That show is now just a joke. About the only paranormal shows I watch is Paranormal Files and occasionally Lost Tapes.

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I do check the C2C website a bit for topice I'm interested in.  Tonight they have some paranormal talk, so I'll try to listen to some of it.  When I worked third shift I would listen a lot more.

Yeah Az, lost of hot chicks in these shows.  smile

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One I forgot, probably because it's bad but shows my alma mater is 'Paranormal State.'  I watch the beginning just to see where on campus they're holding their intro meeting.

Paranormal Cops was hilarious (all 4 eps of it); ghost hunters trying to make their investigation look like a crime investigation, complete with 'evidence' tape?!?

Ghost Lab is equally funny.  I keep waiting for the guys to get so worked up by an unintelligible EVP that they start humping each others' legs.

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Paranormal Cops was horrible.  I had actually looked forward to that.  When they were using the Taser I stopped watchin it.

Extreme Paranormal was one on Discovery or TLC...a 2 part episode if I remember right.  Also horrible.

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Love all those shows. Well, GH, GHI, DT and FoF.

Just for the record azathoth, the first pic isn't Rider, it's Jael. Nothing wrong with two pics of Jael... that woman is PERFECT! big_smile

I love Kris Williams, but following her on Twitter annoys me. She's too "hippie", and stuck in the 60's/70's with her too open love for The Doors and "real music".

And again, Jael de Pardo is simply... perfect. tongue

There was a show called "The Haunted" on Animal Planet that focused on animals interaction with spirits, and even animal spirits. Hit and miss, but not too bad.

My Ghost Story is meh tho. Too much "We brought in a psychic" shit. Psychics are all bullshit charlatans... and orbs, man, don't get me started on fucking orbs. DUST AND BUGS, IT'S ALL DUST AND BUGS!!

Paranormal State bugs me. It's just a front for them to push Jesus. It has it's moments, but overall, it's annoying.

My biggest problem with GH, is the fact that sooooo much of it is phony. They play off each other WAY too much, and the setups are pretty thin. Still, it's interesting, and Kris Williams is fine fine fine.

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I like "The Haunted" on Animal Planet it's a little fresher then the rest. used to love GH and GA but every episode is always the same and theres just so much of it you can take.