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Hello guys smile

As a French horror fan, I have read everything from the two masters of horror Houssin and Brussolo, but I wonder if English-speaking people know about them - and if yes, what do they think about them?
Serge Brussolo wrote more or less 200 books, from sci-fi to gore, from detective stories to historical ones.
One of Brussolo's book has been (extremely) loosely adapted as a film called Walled In ("Les emmurés")
Joel Houssin wrote around 30 books. 10 about sci-fi/gore, 10 about crimes (the Doberman series, adapted in a french movie by Jan Kounen with Jean Cassel, Monica Bellucci and Tchéky Karyo) and 10 about political subjects.
They both write very strange stories about strange people living and dying in strange worlds smile

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I've honestly never heard of either of them.  But, I'm always on the look out for new stuff, so, thanks for the heads up! smile

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But they sound good, so I'll put them on my 'to check out' list.

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You are welcome, I am always glad to share my knowledge about horror creators - and to discover/learn about some I don't know about smile
It seems that none of Brussolo's books has ever been translated in English - which is extremely weird, because he has been translated in more than 20 languages, including Japanese!
I have find this English comment on his work:
And this English summary of one of his books (for a Romanian publisher): … ssolo.html

I couldn't find anything at all about Houssin's books in English, only about the movies and TV episodes he wrote for.