Topic: Priest 3D Game

Found this on Addicting Games:

The gameplay is your basic 'Mortal Kombat' style with slashing at an enemy on a screen.  You can get through it in about 10minutes. 

However it can be played in 3D with Red/Cyan anaglyh glasses.  Since I have a pair for my Stereoscopic class I played it in 3D and to be honest it wasn't half bad.  There was a good feeling of depth and foreground and I didn't really pick up on any color splash from the Red/Cyan. 

If you have a pair of Red/Cyan glasses, play it to check it out; if not, it's still a mild distraction.  But I think it does show a good potential for 3D computer games for the future.

Re: Priest 3D Game

A bit thin, but I've seen worse flash promo games...