Topic: A call for submissions.

I will be taking flash and short story submissions for my fiction blog The Swollen Corpse.

I have been playing with this idea for awhile and have decided to try it out. Since I have been too busy to keep content up myself and would like to peruse writing something larger not for posting.

This would be nonpaying “for the love of it”/exposure type thing and you would retain all rights to your story. I’ll update my current info space on the site to reflect that as well.

If you wanted me to remove it or if I am contacted by a third party about copyright infringement; I will remove the story asap. Keep in mind once posted it will be considered as published by some other publishers and no longer eligible for submission to them.

I am not a grammar Guru myself, so please don’t let any self-consciousness keep you from submitting. I’ll I ask is it is a least edited to the best of your abilities.

Please include a mini bio (good place to self promote), name you want shown, and copyright year, at the bottom of your submission.

Reprints are fine as long as you are the current copyright holder. (All that means is you wrote it and didn’t sell or give the rights out)

No stories with obsessive violence towards children will be considered. Sex and profanity is fine if it’s important to the story.

Your story will appear online on my blog and in its Kindle version.

If you are interested PM me or you can find my email on my blog.

Oh yeah, its got to be a HORROR story.

Re: A call for submissions.

Just thought of a couple more things:

Please submit a word doc by email with “story submission” in the subject line. email to swollenguy at

I’ll be posting this call for subs on the blog and a few other sites this weekend after I work out all the details.

Also stories accepted will be keeping in the tone of the site, which is pretty broad. But still wouldn’t hurt to be familiar with the blog.

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Re: A call for submissions.

Got three submissions so far, it's cool you have no idea what you’re about to read. Hope I get more and can keep this thing going.

Also I posted a sub page … orpse.html

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Re: A call for submissions.

Is there a deadline or is this a rolling thing?  Just trying to prioritize all my work, since I love to write and this sounds like a nice opportunity to get my (really crappy bullshit) work out to somebody.

Re: A call for submissions.

It’ll be ongoing if I get a good response, right now it’s a slow start but I just put the call out over the weekend.

And it is a good chance to put your stuff out there. I have readers right now around the world. I don’t get huge traffic but its steady and I have a few kindle subscribers.

and fyi I have kept my little hobby private from fam and most friends (only pestering the great people here at HMC and shameless self promotion elsewhere on the web) so all traffic at the blog is legitimate.

Re: A call for submissions.

Cancelled due to lack of response.