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^ Very true, Maven has always been one of my biggest and earliest supporters and I'll never forget that. EVER!


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The trailer is finally LIVE! Be sure to like that sucker and let me know what you think!


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I wondered for a long while why a crappy john travolta SCI-FI had its own thread, curiosity finally got to me, and behold a indie filmaker is here instead, will be checking out all of these as soon as possible. Love supporting indie films and these look pretty fucking sweet. All my gratitude sonny for all the entertainment you will be providing me and others.

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Was also wondering where you shoot out of?


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Hey thanks doc, I appreciate every fan I can get! It ain't easy in todays industry!

I shoot out of Fargo N.D. and Minnesota out of all places. I'm originally from New Orleans but I'm located here now. In some ways it's great because it's so small we can get away with a lot we wouldn't be able too in a bigger place.

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I thought i heard a very distinctive accent, figured with all the rural areas close by in tennessee, you may be close. Fooled me, anyway keep up the good work, looks like you made a fan.

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thedeadshallrule wrote:

When do I get to have the dvd in me hot little paws?

When your hot little paws are mauling my body!.. thats when you'll get it tongue

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grrrr MEOW mew mew;)


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Ain't It Cool has reviewed The Aborted!



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FINAL DVD artwork! The movie is all cleaned, wrapped and in the can, editing is done, that was the longest it's ever taken me to edit a film, there was such an extensive amount of effects to do, but it looks great and I think it's going to blow folks away. I'll have tons of promo stuff coming soon as well as a looming release date!



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Thanks man!

Here's a note I just put up at Facebook...figured I'd share it with you guys!

So there I was…this enormous task ahead of me. Most people have no idea what it’s like to edit a movie…and even worse…edit it by yourself. Every sound effect, every bit of music (and make no mistake music is the SOUL of any film) every emotional moment, ever second is up to me to do and I can’t blow it. There’s people who worked on it besides me who are counting on me to make their time worth it, who are counting on me to not make this thing suck.

But I’d taken chances I’d never taken before. While filming some of the bigger zombie scenes we just never had time to do the practical effects, it was impossible and we were fighting on oncoming winter the entire time (and those who wonder why we didn’t want to be filming in the winter have never lived in North Dakota). So every moment was crucial as all hell, which meant when I filmed, I took a weird chance- I was planning on adding in effects later.

Now keep in mind, I’m in no, way, shape or form a CG guy. I had no idea if I could pull it off myself, but I had faith. I had the idea in my head how I was going to make arrows fly across the screen, how I was going to explode heads and make a group of zombies get shot into hundreds of pieces, but whether or not that idea would work, well, I just didn't know.

For those with problems with the CG, this isn’t your usual CG, this is me creating every single frame, hand by hand, moment by moment, almost painting this stuff in. To say it’s time consuming is an understatement. One 2 minute scene took me three weeks to get together. Some people are just aren’t going to dig it and that’s fine, but this is the coolest stuff I’ve ever done.

I didn’t use slow motion. I came close, but then I realized I’m starting to get sick of it in movies…why the fuck would I do it? After watching Aliens…studying the action scenes in that, I realized what I wanted to go for. ACTION. Fast, furious, no bullshit, no slow motion, no posting…just full blooded action with shots you’ll see and go “HOLY SHIT!“ But you’ll have go back and watch again to see if you REALLY saw what you just saw.

Why did it take so long? Those CG effects mainly. Took forever.

Then…I had it all together and there was this little fucking green bar that appeared from nowhere at the bottom of the screen…figuring out where that was coming from was impossible…but I fixed it. If you want to know how ask me in person. I’ll tell you.

Then I exported it and the quality was HORRIBLE. So I resaved it under a different format, uncompressed, and it took 4 hours.

Finally it was as good as it was going to get.

Is the movie any good?

Well, like always, those who dig my stuff, will dig it, matter of fact they’ll love it. That’s really all I can say. All I know is I adore it. I think more than any other film I’ve finally accomplished the chaos and blood flying effect that I’ve wanted. The stuff people love about my film is there, the characters, the dialogue, the story, it’s all in there triple fold.

My favorite zombie kill:

Aarons shot with the shotgun…blowing off that first zombie head. It was the first effect I did like that, using the computer to create it and I still think it’s the best.

My favorite character:

Justins “Father Vecchio.” It’s insane and hilarious. I watched some of his stuff with Topher the other day and he asked, “Why is he talking like that?” And that’s what I love about it so much, it’s so fucking insane, so goddamn off the wall. It was fun just watching Justin go apeshit . I kept half of his goofing around stuff in there because it even made it better, made the guy even more off the wall.

My only concern with the film comes at the halfway point…something so awful, so unexpected so BRUTAL happens that I’m not sure the second half can overcome it. It’s so intense and terrible that the emotional impact of it…well…as much as the second half of the movie is full of action and zombie killing and heartache and death…that event has such an impact, I’m not sure the end can match it. But again, I’m sure it’ll be fine, there’s so much insanity, so many badass moments it’ll be fine, but as the guy who’s behind the story, that’s the only thing I’m kind of fearful of.

But other than that.

Well…it’s done. I’m putting together the DVD now, along with bloopers and deleted scenes and all the other special features.

Premiere will be soon.

Prepare yourself folks.

This is us at our very fucking best and you will see what people can do with nothing but pure unadulterated passion.

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I can't wait dude...let us know when its available for purchase.


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Will do!

Check it out, those who have bought my DVD's know that there's a crazy ass opening on everyone...well the old one's outdated obviously...so here's the new one. Freaking kicks ass so far as I'm concerned, and they're all on there, The Complex, Highway 91, BloodGod, The Aborted...
check it-

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So all you folks that visit here, I appreciate it, I really do. But I know you're all skeptical, how can you not be? All these pictures, all this talk, it really doesn't mean much does it. The question is...and the question always will be...the ONLY question that matters, IS THE MOVIE ANY GOOD?

Well I don't know, you lose perspective after a while, but review copies went out a few days ago. The first one got put up tonight. I don't have any money for marketing...good reviews IS my marketing...and I never know how it's going to go.

Well here it is...the first review. The first REAL opinion on it. It's from deadlyindie.com

Dude said, it's as good as The Walking Dead.
Gave it a 10 out of 10.

http://deadlyindie.blogspot.com/2011/05 … -dead.html

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I'll definitely be checking this out, thx for all you do, indie filmmakers are the basis of the American dream, and i love you guys.


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Thanks doc, we love you too!

Here's two more Highway 91 reviews!

This guys freaking LOVED it, he says "I'd compare it to Romero's best." and "this is "The Evil Dead" of our generation. I really do think it's THAT GOOD."

http://brundlereview.blogspot.com/2011/ … ay_20.html

and here's another one, he didn't like it AS much, but he still gave it a good review!

http://hayeshudsonshouseofhorror.blogsp … ay-91.html

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Keep oN Sonny   it must be a blast but waht film is like romero?


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Highway 91 :- )

review is above!

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shit I havent seen that one man


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It's not out yet...
I'm thinking two more weeks it'll be available to buy at amazon! We're trying our best to get it all processed and ready to go!

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why do you do the amazon thing? is it a new cool thing for indie dir?

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My guess is its cheap as frack


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Couple of reasons, I get TOTAL control over everything and I can keep track of all my sales so I don't have to worry about getting ripped off by distributors. They do V.O.D., where you can watch movies on your computer for like 2.99 and they have a site that's worldwide. It's a great deal all around.


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Here you go, a cool little interive BigDaddyReview did on me! It's actually a pretty good interview! Came out better than I thought it would!
http://www.bigdaddyhorrorreviews.com/20 … bleed.html