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Good Evening Ladies and Gorehounds, SickFuck here with some updates on a project I've been working on and has gone into Productions as of last night. I'm making a short horror film for fun called The Red Bledder.


When a young man named Lloyd settles into his new apartment, his landlord drops by to inform him that he's living in the house of The Red Bledder, the notorious serial killer of DuBois. Once he tells his friend Carla, she informs him more by telling him it's only an Urban Legend. As legend has it, the Red Bledder is Darwin Sledder who was laid off from his job so younger workers can come in. He doesn't like that so he takes his Big Red Ax and in the middle of the night slaughters 17 people yet leaving the oldest daughters alive to be kept in his basement. Each day he'd smash their limbs one by one starting with their legs, then their arms, finally to the stomach, chest and head. 11 days until their died for some, and others died sooner. Carla who happens to be an expert on the subject insists to check out the basement to the house even though the landlord told him not to. Lloyd hates the idea but takes Carla in the basement and that's when HE shows up.

The Red Bledder is being Written/Directed/Produced by Drew Pizzo

Josh Boyer as Lloyd
Cinnamon Monteville as Carla
Chris Gates as The Landlord
and Cody Mater as The Red Bledder

Production started on April 13th
Release Date of May 20th

The film will be edited as a YouTube cut, and an Unrated Director's Cut will be entered into different film festivals in western Pennsylvania. The film has a limited budget of less then $100. Teasers, Posters, Stills, and a Trailer will be released in good time. Don't forget to check them out as I will post everything on this page. You can follow me on Facebook to keep up to date with any information. Let it be known, this film is made by a fan for the fans. Thank you very much and keep in touch.


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Sounds pretty cool...anxious to see this, let us know when its finished.

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Awesome.  What are you shooting on?