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Hello everyone,

I would like to share with you a zombie short that I made. Because of the subject matter, I couldn't get permission to shoot in a church so I made the models in Maya and shot he actor on green screen. I wanted to share with other horror fans fans see what you guys thought. Take a look when you get a chance!


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Pretty cool.  Some eerie imagery and atmosphere.

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Thanks for watching Ghostseeker! Much appreciated.

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Nice job, I really like the priest's make-up and the whole creative process (green screen + CGI) as I am a green screen/compositing buff myself tongue

I am not sure why you created the outside of the church in Maya, thought. I think that your piece would look stronger with real location footage (at least for the outside of the church).

Now, about not being allowed to shoot inside a church because you are making a zombie movie, I am kinda surprised. I shot during 3 days in a church in a small Californian town two years ago, with a serial killer molesting a priest. Of course, we didn't advertised our piece like that. I think the producer said something like "the movie is about a man in search of God". Which he is. By molesting a priest tongue

Anyway, really nice job and I am lokking forward for your next project smile

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That was some nice work.  The modeling reminded me of 'Stay Alive,' which coming from me is a compliment.  The only problem I saw was that the composite shots dimmed a lot, making it look murky.  But the compositing itself was well done, I didn't see any of the green screen artifact lines that often pop on, say, SyFy films.  And even though I knew what the ending (had to be) was going to be, I still got a little shiver.  Nice makeup on the priest.

Keep working, you have some skills!

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Thanks for your feedback!

imacwesker- Well I asked a church that my family has belonged to for over thirty years and got turned down. And then a friend of mine's dad works at a small church and we got turned down there so I just started thinking about other ideas. You're right though, I am sure if I made enough calls I could have got a location to shoot in. But by creating the scenes with a 3D software it opened a lot of doors. With Maya, I could have any location I needed and I could have these big shots on empty streets that would have been much harder to accomplish the normal way. Plus with the lack of budget, I don't have the capability of crane shots and other things that I always wanted to do, so I pretty much ran with it. I wanted a mall shot, in homage to Dawn of the Dead so I was able to add that in through Maya. But you are right, I could have probably have shot in a church and saved a lot of production time, but I figured that with so many zombie shorts on the internet, this would have a better chance of standing out and not getting lost if I gave it a unique look. By the way, is the movie you were talking about online? I would be interested to see it.

azathoth- Thanks I am glad that you liked it. the murkiness was a problem that I was having through the compression on YouTube. I wanted it darker so that people wouldn't be able to see that the priest had blood on his face. But the problem with my test uploads is that if it was too dark, it was too blurry and muddy, and if it was too bright, it gave away too much. So I kind of found a happy medium and stuck with it. I guess that's the problem with using the Internet as a delivery medium.

But thank you both for watching and commenting! Feel free to watch the other shorts on my site!

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Stiff- got ya.  I see the problem with the internet delivery and not giving away the priest.  Still a great job.

I'll be checking out your other stuff.

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Good stuff! The atmosphere kinda reminded me of  Halloween: Season of the Witch & Night of the Living Dead. Thanks for sharing!!

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@Scared Stiff: Don't worry, I understand the part about creating everything in 3D, so you can have complete freedom. And I think that all the scenes inside the church are very well composited smile
I also checked a few shorts in your Youtube account and I am impressed by the overall quality. Some shots looks very professional (specially your dolly movements). I like how you shot and light up Tiny, that's very good! I really liked My Last Words story as it is the only one which really surprised me ( but I didn't watch everything). 
My major advice would be to tighten up the scripts (because there is always at least one third of each short which is either rambling or exposition) but you are on the right path with your web series, and I can't wait to see your next short smile

About the church scene I told you about. This scene is part of Death Prophet, a short movie where I am the DP and visual effects artist. It is currently in post-production and should be released in June. Mychel McGoy (the Director - Screenwriter - Editor - Actor) is currently editing the movie and I am not sure if the church scene will be part of it - or how much of it will be in the final piece. Mychel used a big chunk of the scene to create a trailer, last year:
You can see a lot of behind the scene pictures here, without Mychel's color correction: … 6935584356

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Thanks for watching Underdog! I am glad you liked it. It's funny that it reminds you of Halloween 3. That final shot was inspired by the shot of the kids trick or treating in H3!

@imacwesker - Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate your advice! By the way, I took a look at your trailer.  Beautifully shot! I'll keep my eye out for it when it's done.

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Thanks, Scared Stiff smile