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As almost everyone knows I got screwed by my producer so my senior thesis 'After Wolf' collapsed.  So I've been on the editing track and hoping something would come along. did. 

Shot in Stereoscopic 3D 'Night Wolf 3D' marks the first live action 3D short film for Savannah College of Art and Design.  We shot it under trying circumstances, location problems dogged us till literally hours before shooting.  Threats of thunderstorms hung over our heads during the whole of the shoot, forcing consolidation/simplification of some of the shots.  Despite this, the footage on the monitor looked awesome and I can't wait to have it assembled in polarized 3D and seen properly.

The film will enter post-production next week and will continue through the summer for a full sound mix to make it as sound as good as it looks. 

Then, hopefully (shamelessly riding the 3D) going to trying to throw this film to festivals.


Right now I'm too wired to go to bed, but too tired to post a set photo or two.  We were in such a rush, only got a few shots on my iPhone (a few were the quintessential director 'vanity' shots smile )

Final runtime (before credits) will probably be about one minute long, since this is only the second thing that my class has shot with the rig; perfectly fine with that.  And, still technically the first film of my school.  The class back in the fall didn't get to shoot anything cause of technical problems, but we did smile

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Awesome, Goldensimatar. It's great to hear shooting is completed. cool

Looking foward to the future posted progress for post-production!!

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Thanks smile

Okay, as before I lied about posting pics here.  Dunno how, always had problems.  So check out the blog smile

http://smallangrydogproductions.blogspo … lf-3d.html

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LOVE the look of the wolf in that Blog promo shot. Very scary looking indeed, especially the way he's kinda crouched and sitting while eating. What sort of prosthetics / suit / make-up were used to achieve it?

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Thanks; full credit for building that puppy goes to  Clockwork Creature Studio.

It was a full suit built for 'After Wolf'.  Amazing quality, two parts.  Undersuit has the ribs, spine, shoulder blades and the upper suit is has the fur, claws and such.  Both are skin tight as I wanted to try and make this wolf look a bit sicklier and not as beefy as other werewolves.  The mask is hard plastic of some sort and even under normal light looks awesomely fearsome. 

For the gore, our makeup artist actually used toilet paper held together with bits of latex coating and then dipped them in fake blood.



I just banged out the rough cut yesterday and burning a Blu-Ray right now for class.  Even though it's in a rough state and we still have a lot of work to do to fine tune the film; I'm very excited.  By the end of the day I'll have a 2D, 3D Red/Cyan angalyph, 3D Green/Magenta anaglph, and 3D side-by-side for 3D TVs.

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It's been a long, but mostly aggravating and annoying road; plagued with footage file issues (I freaking HATE H.264) but now got the footage issues resolved.  Will be permently fixed if anyone comes out with something better than 264.

Got a pair of new pics online:

http://smallangrydogproductions.blogspo … mages.html

My roommate (who also dons the wolf suit) will be doing a full sound mix on the film for the next few weeks and my DP, with the resolved footage, will be doing a fresh muxx for 3D.