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Sweet, I found this one to be great, please post part 10 soon tongue


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yeah great work that was intense

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Okay, here's Part Ten of the story. It's getting close to the end I must say!

                                    'The Man Who Had Enough (Part Ten)'

....After doing his damage within the Henderson home, Brian leaves the home casually through the frontdoor and walks to his car. As Brian enters his car, he still feels the need to take another persons life and deal out the damage that he wants. Brian takes off his Clown Mask in the car and then sets off driving back to his Hotel room has, as he is driving back to the Hotel it only springs to his mind that the man who was cheating with his Wife was still alive and is going around unpunished for what he had to break up his Family. Brian starts laughing to himself, like a crazy man would. As he is thinking of the man and a way to get in contact with him, he instantly remembers that Holly's phone could hold the mans number and a way of getting in contact with him, Brian thinking this is a great idea he turns his car around and starts driving towards his home. After a bit of a drive Brian finally reaches his home, upon reaching his home his thoughts of last week when he use to just drive home from work after a hard day and then sit with his wife and have dinner and have the perfect life he always had wanted growing up. But now knowing what his life has come to, taking revenge out on people and killing innocent people. He parks his car outside of the home, exits and then walks up the path towards the frontdoor. He reaches the frontdoor and opens it with his key, and as he steps inside his home nothing has changed, No one has been in the houe since he had killed Holly and Lucy.
Brian starts searching the house for Holly's phone, but after a while Brian finally finds the phone inside of Holly's Handbag in the Dining Room. There is two sticks of battery left in her phone, he quickly goes to her "Received Messages" part of the phone and then finds her last message received by a person called 'Francis', the message says...

"Hey babe, I know we got caught by your husband but you still wanna come over to mine and get it on again?? xox"

Brian smiles when he sees this message for some reason, He checks the "Sent Messages" box and there was no reply to that message so then Brian takes advantage of this and then goes back to the message and clicks "Reply". Brian starts typing in a reply to Francis, and it says...

"I want you so bad Francis!! Where are you now? I'll go to you now just tell me your address and I'll be there I know its late but I want you"

It's 2:17am when Brian sends this message to Francis, as he sends this message he puts Holly's phone with him in his pocket and then leaves his home and returns to his car. As Brian is in his car, and starts to drive back to the Hotel he feels something in his pocket vibrating and then pulls his car over to the side of the road he is on and then takes out Holly's phone. It's now 2:35am and he has received a message back off this man Francis, it says...

"Oh yeah babe I'm just at home up wanting you!!! Come on over now I'm at 29 Haleway Drive, but sure you already no that dont you;)"

Brian laughs and has a huge smile on his face, he says to himself "This is going to be so much fun. I will fucking butcher that cunt up". Brian replys to Francis' Text Mesage, saying...

"That's great I'll be over right now for you! I'm bringing some of my toys over with me cause I want a night I will remember for a long time"....

Nothing intresting happened in this Part but I can say...Part Eleven is the final Part of this story, so be sure to check in tomorrow when the Final Part will be up and see what happens to Brian! smile

Thank you all for reading


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i like the set up im excited to see how this ends!!! great work! big_smile

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Yes my friends, we are here now! The Final Part of this story...I've enjoyed writing this actually, even though it's short you can see a Character development with Brian. I hope everyone has enjoyed reading the story as much as I have writing the story itself, some Parts were not as great as I wished but hey there's always something bad. Anyways I won't keep you waiting any longer! Here it is, The Final Part;

                            'The Man Who Had Enough; The Final Piece of Hell (Final Part)

....After Brian sends the text message, he sets off to go to Francis' house. As he is about to pull off and drive the phone vibrates once again, and the message is from Francis. It says...

"Tats awsome;) Cant wait 2 see you!!"

Brian puts down the phone and begins to drive towards Francis' house. Roughly after about 20 minutes of driving to his house he knows he is getting close, and as he is getting close he starts getting very excited. But he soon notices as he is checking the numbers of each house on the road and then comes across Francis' house that every room in the house has a light on and there's a lot of noise coming from the house also. It sets off an impression to Brian that Francis is not alone in the house and this killing would not be as easy as his other killings, and instead of making Brian more nervous and thinking about not going ahead with this, it just makes him more excited about getting inside of the house.
Brian parks his car a couple of houses away from Francis' house and then picks up Holly's phone and texts Francis saying...

"Why is there a lot of noise and lights on in your house? Is anyone else there?"

Brian sends this message to make sure how much more people are inside of the house so he can be ready, and a couple of minutes later Brian receives a message back from Francis saying...

"Der is just me and 3 other friends in my house hun cum on inside"

Brian smiles when he sees this text message and says to himself "This should a bit more intresting now, just have to make sure I kill everyone before anyone gets away. But if I do it silent and let nothing go wrong, no one will be getting away cause they'll all be dead before they notice". Brian then picks up his Clown Mask off the floor of the car and puts it on, then checks his pocket to make sure he has he Knife with him. He then exits his car and starts quietly moving to Francis' house, as he gets closer and closer to the house he begins to think that getting inside of the house will be more tougher than the others. But Brian thinks quick and hops over the front Garden wall and then progesses around the side of the house as it looks clear to go that way. As he is moving around the side of the house he meets an open window, and takes a look inside. He can see two large type men sitting down talking, and he hears one of the men saying "What's taking Joe so long up in the toilet man, he's a pussy". Brian takes advantage of this situation and looks up to the second floor of the house and sees no window, he then walks around to the back Garden and takes a quick view of it and notices nothing that could get him caught and moves into the back Garden. When he moves into the back Garden he keeps low incase he gets caught by someone inside of the house, but Brian notices at the back of the Garden against the wall on the grass there is a Ladder. He turns around and looks up to the second floor of the house and notices a window is open, Brian ceases this opportunity and takes the Ladder at the back of the Garden silently up to the house and plants the Ladder against the wall and under the open window, Brian goes up the Ladder and enters the house, and closes the window after him very quietly and then smiles and says "Easily inside, now the fun shall begin".
As he steps inside a bedroom which is probably Francis', Brian doesn't wait around long in the room to look and kill some time. He opens the door ever so slightly and peaks outside onto the landing of upstairs, and sees nothing but two other doors open and one door closed. Brian also hears music from downstairs being played really loud, and thinks to himself "They won't even hear there friend die...what a shame". Brian walks out of the bedroom and then starts to move down the landing towards the closed door which he is guessing one of the men is inside of the room. As he is walking to the room he walks passed the stairs to go downstairs. Brian gets ever so closer to the closed door, and then is suddenly at the door. Brian puts his ear against the door to listen to see if he can hear anything on the opposite of the door and all he hears is a man groaning on the other side. As Brian knows downstairs is playing music very loud, he takes a big step back from the door and then with all his strength kicks the door open and infront of him is a man sitting on the Toilet with his pants around his ankles. "Ahhhhh!" screams the man and has a horrid look on his face as he sees a Clown infront of him, Brian puts his finger up his Mask and places his finger on his lips as to mean "Keep quiet". After this the man on the toilet trys to say, "Eh-Who are...please if this is a joke Francis leave me alone!". Brian pulls a Knife from his pocket and walks towards the man in a normal fashion and places the Knife next to the mans neck, and says to him "I bet you're shitting yourself now, huh?" and then slits the mans neck. After sliting the mans neck, Brian stabs the man in the head three times. After he does this to the man, Brian undoes his Clown Suit and drops it to the ground while doing the same with his boxers afterwords and then pisses on the mans corpse, Brian pulls back up his boxers and puts his Clown Suit back on, exits the bathroom and closes the door after him.
Brian walks back to the stairs that lead downstairs and just as he is about to go downstairs, he just barely hears a person downstairs saying "I'm going upstairs to check on Alex he is taking way too long. While I'm up here Francis, go grab me another beer will ya?", as Brian hears this he thinks quickly and goes back to the bathroom where he killed the man just a few seconds ago, he enters the bathroom and closes the door. As Brian is inside the bathroom, a person then knocks on the door and says "Alex man, you alright in there? You're taking way too long, come downstairs". Brian holds his Knife at the ready, and says "Come on inside I ain't feeling the best", and the man says "Yeah you don't sound the best, you sound weird. I'm coming inside now", the man opens the door and as soon as he does Brian is standing there and drags the man inside the bathroom and throws him to the floor and shuts the door. Brian bursts out laughing in an evil way, and says "Oh you don't understand how badly fucked you are right now", the man has a terrified look on his face and struggles to say " are a fucking Clown!", Brian has his knife against the mans stomach and says "No way? You're way smart aren't you? Pull your pants off right now come on, lets go". The man is about to cry and says "What! Wh...", Brian cuts across him and says "Let's not fuck around here, you can die right now or do what I say, you pick. 5...4...3" and then the man takes off his pants and boxers while lying on the floor. Brian gets on his knees and then says, "This may hurt just a little...okay I am lying, it's going to fucking hurt like Hell". Brian grabs the mans penis, and then cuts it straight off without thinking, and as he does this Brian puts his hand over the mans mouth so he cannot scream so loud. As he has his hands over the mans mouth to keep him from screaming, Brian says "Ah fuck it" and digs his Knife up through the mans jaw and into his head, the man dies instantly.
As the two men lie in the bathroom dead, blood pouring from both of the bodies Brian lifts his Mask up and then licks the blood from his Knife. After doing this Brian puts his Mask back on and leaves the bathroom and closes the door after him. Brian walks back to the stairs, and is quietly and slowly walking down the stairs while keeping an eye out for Francis, and then reaches the bottom of the staircase. The staircase leads to the man sitting area where the men had been sitting and Brian is in the middle of the room now, and has to think quick. As he is the the room, he hears a voice from inside another room downstairs which is Francis shouting, "Alex, Ryan, is that you? What kind of beer you guys want?". As he says this Brian moves into the corner of the room behind a big cabinet and kneels down to be hidden. A door then opens close to Brian and out walks Francis, as Francis shouts again "Guys come on, I have your beers they will go warm hurry up" and then sits down in a chair facing the window. As he says and does this, Brian starts to stand up slowly and move very quietly with his Knife towards Francis and then gets so close to him and just when he is about to take Francis' life, Francis spots a Clown behind him in the reflection of the window and quickly jumps up from the chair and moves away, and turns around to see a Clown with a Knife infront of him. "Wh-Who are you and what the fuck do you want?" says Francis in a nervous way. "This is a simple answer really, I want your", as Brian says this Francis had picked up a bottle of beer, and then he throws the bottle of beer at Brian it hits him in the head and this puts Brian a little of balence as he holds his head from the bottle hitting him, during this time Francis makes his way up to Brian and punches him straight in the face and now Brian drops to the ground with the Knife falling out of his hand. "Oh look it's your Knife Mr.Clown, and guess what? Instead of you taking my life I'll be taking yours now", Francis digs the Knife down into Brian's chest and shouts "Alex! Ryan! You guys still alive up there?", and he leaves Brian lying on the floor with his own Knife in his chest....

....Brian's hand moves and he grabs the Knife in his chest, and pulls it from his chest and gets to his feet, and then starts to move up the stairs as quickly as he can, and he reaches the top of the stairs and sees Francis moving into the bathroom and hears a "No! That fucking bastard done this to you!". Brian follows him into the bathroom and from behind digs his Knife into Francis' head from behind and the Knife goes through the full way out to the other side of his head, and Francis drops to the ground with the others. Brian pulls the Knife from his head, and says "You fucked up my life, and you have paid you cunt. Just remember, you can never the kill the Killer.....

That's it! The story has ended smile I hope everyone has enjoyed this story and please let me inform you one time, I have a Duel Story with a friend of mine coming up soon, so stay tuned for that aswell.

Thank you all for reading! smile

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That was brilliant, seriously I loved every moment of it, this was my favourite of your stories big_smile

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61 TT's To Andy because he's a writer.