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Hey, guys. My name is John Rodriguez and I'm 1/3 of the trio that makes up Full Moon Films here in Miami.

I was so happy to find this message board that provides two things very near and dear to me, horror movies and filmmaking. Very cool. My affinity with horror movies is mainly towards classic movie monster films.

Currently I'm working on my first big project out of film school, a web series called Unemployed Wolfman. The story centers around Jared (the Wolfman) who is an actor that is actually a Wolfman and has played the Wolfman role since the very beginning. Meaning, the classic movie monsters such as Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, and The Mummy really exist and will be joining him in this web series. Though it can't really be classified as horror (it's a dark comedy) it does base its roots in the horror genre, and I'm hoping you will all enjoy it.

If you guys wanna know more about the project, I've got it all written down (and it is explained in the video) on this fund raising campaign: Let me know what you guys think!

Can't wait to be a more frequent contributor to this forum.

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Any connection with Charles Band's 'Full Moon?'  Or just coincidence?  Just wondering.

I'll be watching the video later, and will let you know.

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Welcome John.  Sounds like an interesting premise.  I will check it out.

I know I speak for many of us here when I write that we would be happy to help you with this project if you will fly us to Miami and put us up for a week.

Look forward to reading more from you.

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And Miami monkey massages.

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I'm guessing Az would give roughly 11,937 Toe Tags for a Miami trip.

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No, no connection. haha Sorry.

I'm glad to see such interest so fast. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to fly anyone over as can be seen by the fact that we're trying to get money from anywhere we can.

I'm currently selling a bunch of my things just to be able to fund this. I'll tell you one thing, we're pretty rich on determination, but that won't pay off a hefty plane ticket.

Miami monkey massages sound like the absolute best thing ever, though.

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We like independent film makers.  Have at least 2 here already. Don't mind Ghosty, he just wants to get a tan to impress the ladies.

I'd fund ya some, but I've recently tapped out on projects here on HM.

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Well...we didn't expect it for free!  Like I wrote, you would get a LOT of Toe Tags.

You sound very determined.  Wish you the best, and I will check out the info.

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Any place that likes film makers is okay with me. I'll just nestle in over in that corner over there while I try to fit in by staring at the wall a bit.

And I completely understand if you guys can't donate, the most important part is getting the word out there. Even page views are important in keeping my project up in the front page of the video/web section of the site.

I like the sound of Toe Tags. What is their current value against the Euro? (Let's face it, American dollars aren't cutting it.)

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632 TTs = 2 pence.

Is that link up there your website?  I can post a link to it on mine (yeah, like anyone ever goes there, heh).

And feel free to show up at Movie Night.  We love talking to producers/directors/etc.

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It's not my website, though, we're currently developing one. The link is the crowd funding page, but in the info section I do have a Facebook fan page link that is pretty much what we're working with for now.

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An idea for you-
send an email to Meh (site owner) at  Tell him what you're trying to do.  You might get some front page exposure. No promises (he doesn't reply to 1/2 of my emails), but you never know.

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Sounds interesting.  I'd donate, but I'm having enough fun trying to keep up on my Horror Movie box set purchases (I'm a little obssessive about them, I've found), plush my horror/paranormal book purchases as well as trying to save up enough for a decent video camera so I can start my horror movie review web series on  YouTube.

I have a blog regarding horror movies and books, with random editorials thrown into the mix (not as great or extensive as this site though).  I have a spot open in the next week that I can use to promote your project.  Just send me an e-mail with a link to your Facebook page.  I  also post links to my blog on my Facebook page, and Twitter so people can go and check them out as well.  My e-mail is

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Sorry for the late response, guys. Been a busy few days. I'll try out e-mailing the site owner as you suggested, azathoth.

And I'm going to send you an e-mail, as well, TerrorCorner. Appreciate the sentiment.