Re: Which french flick is better?

FNG throwin in his two cents...

High Tension, gotta love it, been on my to-buy list for since I first saw it

Frontiere(s), bought it based of a review I read, definantly my favorite french horror film so far.

Martyrs, have yet to see it, on my to-buy list, based of favorable reviews I've read.

Ils, havn't heard of it, will have to check it out.

Inside, also don't know, will watch

La Horde, also don't know, will have to watch

Irreversible, Havn't seen it in awhile, I remember it was a pretty messed up movie, which is always good

Mutants, I just checked that out and love it! Killing off characters left and right.

I am loving all the great French horror comming out recently, and am going out of my way to try and see as much as I can, so now looks like I got a nice list to track down.

Re: Which french flick is better?

Of the first four, I've seen only FRONTIERS and INSIDE.  Have forgotten most everything about INSIDE, so I guess it's FRONTIERS.

Re: Which french flick is better?

Switchblade Romance aka High Tension - got the R1 and UKR2
Inside - UKR2
Baby Blood - R1
Martyrs - UKR2
Frontiers -UKR2

SR and I esp are my faves

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Re: Which french flick is better?

LE VIOL DU VAMPIRE [Rape Of The Vampire]
And a very underestimated one, the freaking amazing and ultra creepy ST-ANGE [House Of Voices].

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Re: Which french flick is better?

never seen HOUSE OF VOICES
i know its the same director of MARTYRS

Re: Which french flick is better?

one film i forgot to mention - VIDOCQ
a brilliant horror fantasy thriller
though not as gory as some French films its just a fantastic film, the story, twists, supernatural elements etc
the first full length film to be shot on hi def digital
before the STAR WARS prequels