Topic: Thankskilling 2 needs our help!

I don't know if this is anywhere or not but Thankskilling 2 is trying to raise enough money to make a sequel. If you've never seen the first one, you're missing out on some amazing no budget action. It's funny/inventive/and a killer turkey movie!

Anyway, check out Kickstarter and donate some money. For $5 the turkey will rip on you in the DVD extras! And if you donate $20 you'll get a copy of the movie (and even though it doesn't say it there, I received an email the other day saying) you'll receive a copy of the FIRST movie too. … ature-film

Check it out. I really want to see a sequel sooo bad. And I wanna get ripped on by the turkey big_smile It'll be awesome.

Re: Thankskilling 2 needs our help!

Loved the first, I'll definitely donate.

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Oh wow. I may have to donate to this. Made my buddies sit through the first one while drinking one night. Good times.

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My favorite part is when the turkey rips the sheriff's face off and wears it around. HAHAHAHA that's epic!