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This is has got to be a joke. There is a new show premiereing this Sunday on like either Biography, A&E, or some station where it's a new reality show starring Corey Feldman and Corey Haim. These 2 losers have to hit rock bottom to do something like this to try to get acting gigs lol.

I watched Larry King Live last week and they were on it and Corey Haim still looks like he's on drugs and kept drinking or acting like he was drinking coffee and was like hyper as hell.

They were good in The Lost Boys but these 2 idiots went downhill fast in the 80's on drugs.

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I saw this over at Fango.  Too funny!  lol

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I saw the Larry King thing while on my break at work.  I couldnt believe it.  Combine this show with the new show "Scott Baio is 45 & single" amd you have yet another sign of the downfall of television.  Although after seeing a few minutes of the Baio show, I must say, that guy got a whole lot of Hollywood A list and B list ass......unbelievable.  It seems live everyone's "loved" Chachi if you get my drift.

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This cheeseball show will be airing tomorrow night so if you wanna make fun of these 2 losers then check it out.

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I watched a rerun of the first 2 epsidoes late last night on this and Corey Haim is the biggest wussy ever. He started crying when he found out that Lost Boys 2 is being made and they don't want him in it. He is such a whiner and is so jealous of Corey Feldman's hot wife and how Feldman won't take his sides on issues with her and shit.

These 2 guys are really gay I think or Haim is gay cause all they ever did on this show was keep hugging one another.

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ewwww.  does Corey Haim still do that hanging his mouth open thing?  The last 12 times I watched Lost Boys, that habit of his seemed worse and worse. 

What'd ya stuff for her, Mr. Johnson?