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YES YES YES.... finally !!!

While this Blu-ray release is certainly not going to win accolades from the Blu-ray elite, it is certainly a major step up from any previous DVD version.

This release is the very definition of  "the best that the film is ever going to look".

The Picture
There is a strong digital grain throughout, and often accompanied by what seems like a "film" laid over the picture, even in exteriors, and this limits sharpness and strong detail in everything but close-ups. And as some scenes tend to be softly focused  anyway (the film wasn't exactly shot by Dean Cundy), any manual increase in "sharpness" only brings up the grain further. But again... despite these issues.. it blows the DVD out of the water. Though it must be noted that some DVDs actually have better blacks, allowing from more definition on hair and clothing and night scenes than shown on the blu ray . More on this below.

The Color
Blacks are generally crushed and  severely limit detail in hair and clothing. This is never more  noticeable than during that scene in the beginning when Lori, Susan and the guys are going through slides discussing the tribes and their practices. Black clothing melts into the dark background without so much a seam. And any effort to lighten the blacks to see definition, results in a real bleaching of the colors in the scene.  Nevertheless, close-ups excel in color and sharpness, so much so you can see just how cheap the effects actually were; everything done with latex and painted with nary a bit of natural translucency to the skin.  The  hand sawing and chest dissection in the beginning make this terribly obvious.... though fun.

Overall I'm very happy with the release when considering the picture quality of every Zombi Holocaust DVD and VHS release prior.  Nevertheless... just be ready for the fact that despite the marked improvements, the picture quality of this film on Blu-ray isn't even as good as your Friday the 13th or Jeepers Creepers on DVD.

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Nice techy review. I always appreciate that kind of stuff.


I saw this film under the alternate title, Dr. Butcher M.D.  I remember enjoying it, but considering it's been about, 23, 24 years since I saw it, I don't remember many details.

I'll have to check it out again -- but it won't be on BluRay, considering I don't have a BluRay player. hmm