Topic: The Devil's Music (2012)

Hi guys, I'm working on a retro horror film that will be shot in August and released in 2012.

"The Devil's Music" is a retro horror feature film set in the 1980's. After graduation, a group of young adults head to the woods for a nice weekend of sun, suds and fun. On their way to the lake house, the town crazy warns them about Steve the Miner, a supernatural serial killer stalking the woods, hunting people who trespass on his properties. Of course, that's not going to hinder the party, which pretty soon kicks off. Couples get together, a lot of 80's dancing occurs, but soon, someone is watching them. One by one, they disappear into the night, until only a few of them are left to fend off the darkness. To make matters worse, suspicions abound that there is more than one killer... Will they survive the night or will they perish as well?"

If you like the Evil Dead series as well as classic slashers such as Friday The 13th, The Burning and The Funhouse,
you'll love The Devil's Music!

I've set up an indiegogo account to help me with some financing. Feel free to check it out : … amp;i=addr

Join the Facebook page today! … 0622020421

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