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I never thought I would see an indie film maker listed as one of the most popular directors on TerrorFeed. The DeadLands Director is listed along side some other big names

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Hey thats awesome for sure.

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I would like to thank the video clickers and Gawkers... LOL

Wow, never expected Deadlands to have had that many views. Still it is nice to see people have been checking it out.

Those of you attending Cinema Wasteland in October can catch Deadlands playing there, and on August 22, in Bloomington. IL the film will play during the Dark Carnival Film Festival. Also the weekend of August 25, 26, and 27 Deadlands will be playing in France at the Weekend De Le Peur film fest.

I am however sorry to note I cannot make any of the screening dates, especially cinema wasteland as that is the first day shooting will begin on Trapped, the new zombie flick.