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A new flick starring Dominic Cooper, based on the autobiography of Latif Yahia, chronicling his years as a body double to Uday Hussein (son of Saddam) to thwart assassination attempts.  He ended up surviving at least ten himself as a stand-in before fleeing Iraq, only for Uday to kill Latif's father as payback.

What's interesting, though, is that he served as a body double against his own will.  He'd gone to college with Uday Hussein, they knew each other, and Yahia beared a strong resemblance to him. 

Later, after Uday was imprisoned, banned and disowned by his own father (if Saddam Hussein disowned him I can only imagine how evil the prick really must have been) for killing someone at a party in full view of everyone there (he beat a man to death, then sliced him up with a carving knife in front of everybody present) he had police tear Yahia from college and forced him by threat of death to act as his body double. 

Yahia was forced to undergo reconstructive surgery to make him look even more like Uday, and he would go on to survive at least ten assassination attempts as Uday's double before finally escaping from Iraq.

Anyway.  I heard about the book a couple years back and man, that's some harrowing stuff.  The movie looks to be just as interesting, so, I was wondering if anyone else had planned on checking it out?

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That sound intense. I will definitely be checking this one out.

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sounds interesting..  I think I may have to check this one out

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Just for the hell of it I googled Yahia and I got a couple facts wrong.

- Uday killed his own father's bodyguard/valet/food-taster by beating him to death with a cane, then taking an electric carving knife to him.  Though it did indeed happen at a party in full view of everyone attending.

- Yahia wasn't in college when Uday had him taken; he was a soldier in the Iraqi army.

- It wasn't just reconstructive surgery Uday forced Yahia to have.  He also forced him to have dental surgery.

Apparently, Uday Hussein was a pure psychopath who would abduct random women from the street, rape them, kill them, and dump their bodies.  He even killed a couple of the women's husbands, one for not allowing Uday to dance with his wife, and the other for trying to stop him from taking his wife on the street.  At least two of the men he killed while trying to abduct their wives/girlfriends were actually soldiers in his father's army.

This guy was a fucking whack job.  I can't imagine how horrifying it must have been for Yahia to have to tolerate these things.