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After a brief discussion of guitars in another thread I realized we don't have a thread devoted to musicians.  So if you play or sing, or aspire to play or sing, this thread's for you, and I'm looking forward to the discussions to be had herein. smile

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I used to play the trombone, and Vampy did violin for a while.  These are both years & years ago, though.  This will be my only contribution to this thread.  lol

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Should we list equipment or just rock out with our...


I play pretty much anything on bass but prefer blues, classic rock and oddly pop as of late since it's more bass heavy today than it has been since the 80s.

Does anyone use anything in particular when recording or just a mic and 4 track?

I use mainly linux based stuff for now (ubuntu studio) but haven't devoted a lot of time to setting it up lately due to work and the desire to actually play when I get some free time.

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This being the musician's thread, we can talk about anything musician-related.  Have some original or cover music you want to share?  Link it up.  Instruments, recording gear, musical tablature -- if you want to share it, let 'er rip.

However, just to be clear, this is a thread for musicians.  There's a good half dozen "favorite songs" threads, so I'd ask such discussion stay in those threads.  This is a thread for musicians, and making music. smile

That said, I used to use a four track to record, and a drum machine to lay down beats, but currently I used Windows Sound Recorder and a desktop microphone. lol  I tried sharing a recording of me covering Death Cab for Cutie's "Soul Meets Body" last movie night, but for some reason it wouldn't load up for folks to DL.  Must have been a Skype thing. hmm

As for instruments, I started on drums in the early 90s, moved to bass for three or four years and then picked up guitar around '98, '99 and have stuck with it ever since.

As for music I play, I play a little of everything, but mostly stuff like rock, hard rock, metal, grunge, post-grunge alternative, singer/songwriter diddies -- guitar-driven stuff.

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I started out on bass in the mid-80s with a BC Rich Warlock bass. I got tired of how it looked and sounded so I ripped the frets off and made it a fretless.

When I was in college, I walked into an old favorite music store and walked out with a new Rickenbacker. I was told it was a 4001 but didn't know until 20 years later that it was actually a 4003.

A few years later, I decided to sell my bass equipment and buy a Harley. Today, I have neither. What a great idea that was.

Anyway, the kidlet got interested in guitar about 5 years ago and a friend got her a cheap (read CHEAP) guitar that basically fell apart if you strummed it for more than 3 minutes at a time.

Obviously we replaced it. I found a good deal on that Les Paul for the Hard Rock I mentioned in another thread. It was an Epiphone LP that I put real tuners on so it'd stay in tune and picked up some real Gibson LP pickups.

Now it sounds like a real guitar.

This got me wanting another bass so I picked up an Ibanez acoustic electric. It's not a bad guitar but it wasn't an electric.

Anyway, I ended up with a cheapo Rogue fretless and found a diamond because I was actively searching for another Rickenbacker. It was that 1986 Rickenbacker 4003S/5. It had been sitting in a case for about 20 years only to be brought out occasionally to jam with people.

Right now, I just thump around playing basslines and playing with different tempos and such when I get free time (which isn't much the last 8 or 9 months).

I typically have tuxguitar open so I can transcribe basslines or download tabs so I can hear and see how other tunes do. But, with tabs I've found that what someone else hears is often complete garbage to what is actually played by a band on a song and when they transcribe it, it's even worse.

Anyway, that's what I know currently.

Which isn't much.

When I record, I record into a Fostex 8-track because I don't have a good mic. Bass isn't always easy to catch and I often find I'm shaking the whole house with it and not even realizing.

My cats are my best fans but I think they beleive they're The Who groupies since they have ripped up 3 cabinets which I'm in the process of re-tolexing so they can't rip them up again.

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Tuxguitar, you say?  I'd never heard of that.  Just looked it up; looks promising.

I've been using power tab editor the last five years or so.  Another multi-layer guitar track tab program.  It plays back in midi, but it's a free program, so, you get what you pay for. lol

Think I'll give tuxguitar a try.

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With tuxguitar, you can still load up your power guitar tabs and also load up Guitar Pro and some other program tabs into it.

It's not a bad little free linux app. It plays back in MIDI too.

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This is a cool thread! I've been making music for about 13 years or so. Only claim to fame would be a former band I was in playing at the Hard Rock Cafe in Memphis, TN when I was 17.

Guess I'll list some gear.

FL Studio 9 Pro XXL
Native Komplete 5
Reason 5
Pro Tools
Cool Edit Pro

1979 Peavey VT Duece 120w Tube Amp
Epiphone Les Paul 7-String
1969 Kay Bluesmaster Hollowbody 6-string
Epiphone SG 6-String
Johnson Acoustic 6-String
Fender P-Bass 5-String
Tama Rockstar 6-pc w/Iron Cobra Double Kick
Roland V-Club w/Roland Brain
Yamaha Motif 7 Keyboard/Synthesizer
Various Recording Mics.

After my injury with my leg I don't play drums anymore. I can post up some pics of my guitars, that's the only thing I had room for in our apartment. I have some songs that I've done but not sure where to upload them to share.

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Well, I can see it already has one other advantage to powertab -- you can choose to display the fretboard.

Digging it.

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Zero -- you can open yourself a dropbox account and post the links to each sample/file here. wink

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^^Cool. Doing that now. I also have quite a few songs that are orchestral, more suited for a movie score. I'd REALLY like to get into that business but it's VERY hard.

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Well, since my OS crapped out on me a couple days ago all the tracks I'd recorded are gone like farts in the wind.  All I have now are some powertabs I made that I had stored in an expansion drive. hmm

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Okay. Let's see if this works.

This is one where I did everything on live instruments. Recording layer by layer by myself and singing. … w=c0741136

The next couple are more movie score. … w=88e028b2 … w=5d715345

Y'all can be brutally honest. big_smile

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Hm.  I click on the links and it tells me I have to log in -- I think they're still in your private or personal space.  Did you make them public for sharing?

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Hmmmmm... Let me check.

Edit: Don't see a link to make them public. I click share and it asks for an email address to share with.

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If you need any help -- I'll refer you to Azathoth.  He seems to have the dropbox thing down pat.

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Lon, what happened to your system?

It's possible you can get those files back. If you've overwritten the drive, it'll be tougher at the least but it's very possible you can get those files back.

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I guess I should list some equipment, etc.

1986 Rickenbacker 4003S/5
Ibanez ABG (Acoustic Bass Guitar)
Hartke HA something (125W)
2 Avatar 2x10 cabs with Eminence speakers (500W each)
1 GK 1x15 cab
Tech 21 Sansamp ParaDriver

Behringer Xenyx Mixer of some sort
Fostex digital 8 track
IBM T-42 laptop with ubuntu studio on it (I still need to set this up properly)

Here's a review I did at the Rickenbacker Resource on ubuntu linux. There's some swank software that's free.

I just don't often have enough time between work and family to do some of these things anymore.

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z3r0c00l, in your default dropbox folder, there's another folder named Public. In that folder is a word document that tells you exactly how to use the Public folder.

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I haven't tried dropbox before today and have been meaning to. I have several domains so I don't normally need this.

Anyway, here's a test of the Gibson SG Robot I have using dropbox.

And the Rickenbacker 4003S/5...

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tarrbot wrote:

Lon, what happened to your system?

It's possible you can get those files back. If you've overwritten the drive, it'll be tougher at the least but it's very possible you can get those files back.

I'm not sure what caused it, but I turned on my PC a couple mornings ago to find Windows wouldn't start.  I tried booting into safe mode, tried running an OS repair from disk and everything else I could think of, but nothing worked.  So I had to reinstall Windows.

I got hold of a program yesterday called Recuva (from the guys who made CCleaner, which I swear by) but all it listed when I ran it are cookies/temp files I've deleted since re-installing my OS.

I'm not too worried about the songs I recorded being lost.  It's a cinch to re-record them.  However, this does remind me -- does anyone know of a good, PC-based recording program?  Windows Sound Recorder has a kind of dull playback; it doesn't really catch the tone of an acoustic very well.

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Nothing seems to compete with Audacity in terms of free and good and fully featured.

Also, I've used a program called Active Undelete and I've had excellent data recovery options with.

It's seriously obtuse in the interface department but once you understand how it works, it's almost flawless. However, after you reinstall Windows on the same drive, it's less likely that it'll recover due to the disks being written to multiple times.

Audacity image I made in ubuntu studio a few years ago...

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Audacity -- right on, I was just looking at that.

As for my file recovery, I'm not too worried about it.  I didn't lose anything I can't replace with a little effort. smile

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If you're up for free audio workstation stuff and have an old laptop or something, you can download that ubuntu studio I linked to earlier.

It's got programs like Ardour (which is Pro Tools but free) and some other free stuff.

It's a bit quirky at times (for instance, I can't figure out why tuxguitar doesn't seem to work on it but I only installed it yesterday and spent 4 minutes on it)

Anyway, that link I referred to is here

Also, direct link to

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cool, thread Lon  smile
yeah Audacity is pretty sweet for simple recording and mixing - I've messed with it some myself.

I'll have to up a demo jam or two that me and my ex-roommate recorded a year or so back when I get a chance.