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Hey everybody,

In a couple of months, my team and I at Chapman University will be shooting our thesis film: EAGLEWALK.

Summer fun is on the run when a group of hapless counselors return to open the long-abandoned Camp Eaglewalk, only to unleash the fury of a vengeful Sasquatch whose sacred totem pole was desecrated more a decade before.  What follows is a 24-hour nightmare of terror as one by one, the counselors are slaughtered by the rampaging beast.  Now, with no hope of rescue and surrounded by a hundred miles of unforgiving natural forest, Elliot, the sole survivor, must make a desperate last stand, or die running.

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Re: EAGLEWALK - Bigfoot attacks summer camp

Okay.... loved that shot when he comes back inside, hears a noise outside, turns and the camera trucks back for an expansive shot of the door and entire wall before him. Thought for a second that you were making room for an ogre to crash through. Great suspense builder. And the same goes for the end when you see him backing away with all the unseen noise and kerfuffle happening off-screen in front of him. Very nice.


...what was that left-field, masturbation intro all about??  I mean.... far be it from me to direct your film, but why not have something happen that contributes to the mounting suspense, like... maybe... him stoking a fireplace fire and having the flames suddenly rise up (with the throwing of a log) just as the sound of something outside occurs? Or reverse the order? That would have been a nice suspenseful little coordination of events that would've added briskness and another seam to the suspense weave you were creating. But hey... you do what you gotta do. No pun intended.

Also... not to get to technical on a make-up/medical bent... but you get a cut like that on your brow... and you just better reach for a bucket cuz that crimson be flowing big time!! Ask any boxer or MMA fighter.

Re: EAGLEWALK - Bigfoot attacks summer camp

Wow, thanks for that detailed and thoughtful response, Bunshinsaba!  I'm glad you liked our stylistic choices.  I decided to include the masturbation scene because I'd like the teaser to represent several elements present in the thesis script, so while it acts as a self-contained short, it also alludes to tone and story elements we'll further build on in the thesis.  I also thought that by starting off the scene with some gross-out comedy, we could slowly draw the audience in, as opposed to your idea of starting the scene with a bang (a different but equally effective approach.)  And yes, I know the cut would bleed more, but I didn't want it to get so bloody that it distracted from what was important in the scene.  Call it suspension of disbelief.

Thanks again for your response, dude!  Can't wait to show you the finished thesis.

Rob Himebaugh