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Finished DLing Audacity about five minutes ago and am playing with it as we speak.  Or type. smile

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this is one of the last things I have recorded.
Kind of an off the cuff jam that grew up into a little something by the end of the night

DivShare File - damnation.mp3

my ex-roommate is on the git and I'm on the kit.
the bass player was sitting in too, but you wouldn't fucking know it.  LOL
hopefully this works - haven't used divshare in awhile

seems to work. cool.  here's another from the same night

DivShare File - twelve gauge.mp3

we recorded these about a year and half ago.
I just tried jamming to the 2nd song about 4 weeks ago after having not been on a kit for over a year - I was nowhere near as proficient as I was then - although I admit that's not saying much.  LOL

I have some stuff from about 3 years ago when I was really in the zone and we were practicing regularly, but I can't seem to find any of that stuff right now  sad

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Okay here we go again. Now that I have been educated in dropbox lol

Song where I played all the instruments and sang.

These are the more "movie score" songs.

These should work fine. Thanks for the help Az

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I only listened to one of each of yours (it's 3:30am, I've got to sleep sometime) but man, good stuff.

Bill, Twelve Gauge was bad-ass!  Heavy distortion, pounding drum beat, a great hook -- quality stuff.

Zero, the song in your first link above had this really cool 80s alternative rock vibe to it, kind of like Brother Cane but darker.  I dug it quite a bit.   

I wish I had something as full to contribute in the way of a recording, but all you're going to get is me jamming on guitar to a song in the background. lol

I'm looking forward to checking out the other links you guys put up later today.  Good stuff, fellas.

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thanks a ton, Lon.  smile
again that was something we were just fooling around with that night, but I thought it came out rather well.

Actually that entire jam session went pretty well I thought - I had quit the band and really hadn't played much when those were recorded.  They had another drummer, but he didn't work out and so I just came in during the interim and bashed out a few things with them before they found another.
My roommate throws a pretty wicked little impromptu solo on the damnation track IMO

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Bill -- damnation was really cool.  That's professional-level stuff.  As I was listening I could see Henry Rollins screeching out lyrics.  And man, you were wailing on that kit!  And that was all improvised?!

Zero -- I listened to both your other tracks, as well.  Really atmospheric and Silent Hill-like, especially Haunted Machine.

You guys totally put me to shame.  I was in a metal/rock band back in '99 and we cut a couple demos (neither of which I have now) but since then, I've mostly been a recreational player.  I'd do well in a cover band (I know TONS of songs) but I'm no good with original stuff unless I'm playing with someone else.

I'm humbled!

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again - many thanks!
and yeah pretty much, we recorded 4 tracks that night and we'd never done any of them before - but we did record them after a few hours of tinkering around with them.

My ex-roommate is a riffing machine, he's only in his mid 20s but has the skills to pay the bills.  He's quite the spongy chameleon too - he can jam to about any style you throw at him - in fact that was one of the reasons I quit the band, because he started getting into some seriously heavy and technical type stuff which honestly is out of my comfort range.

I lean toward a more groove-oriented approach and we started off doing stuff that had a more 70s hard rock and blues feel, which works well for me, but when he started going off on Lamb of God type stuff I couldn't really hang, plus my personal life was going thru an upheaval at the time so I thought it best to cut out.  Now he's meandering back to more of the style we first focused on which honestly makes me really itchy to start playing again.  I'll be moving next door to him shortly and he's got a practice space setup and a drum kit which I'm free to use, so I'm thinking we'll probably fart around some more here very soon.  I look forward to it.  Unfortunately I think he'd prefer his bandmates to a bit younger than yours truly, so I don't see myself ever getting real serious about it.  Not to mention there's a guy itching to play with him who puts me to shame, so I just try to have fun with it.  Hell, I didn't even pick up the sticks till I was 29 or 30.  LOL

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i used to sing in a band with my friends call Authority Figure.

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cool, man.  I was involved in singing for a few punk and hardcore bands around the ages of 17 to 21 - our first band was named The Vaginal Shrooms - our musical limitations aside, we were obviously destined for failure.  LOL

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deadhorse13 wrote:

My ex-roommate is a riffing machine, he's only in his mid 20s but has the skills to pay the bills.  He's quite the spongy chameleon too - he can jam to about any style you throw at him - in fact that was one of the reasons I quit the band, because he started getting into some seriously heavy and technical type stuff which honestly is out of my comfort range.

I lean toward a more groove-oriented approach and we started off doing stuff that had a more 70s hard rock and blues feel, which works well for me, but when he started going off on Lamb of God type stuff I couldn't really hang

Pretty much the same here.  I quit my band when the lead singer stopped trying to sound like himself and tried to start sounding like Marilyn Manson, or Layne Staley, or fuckin' Bret Michaels, depending on what his favorite band was that week. lol  When he got to where he'd refuse to re-record his tracks even if they didn't fit the songs, I threw up my hands and walked away.

But the primary songwriters of the band were myself and my buddy Brian, who was our lead guitarist.  Every one of our songs came from Brian and I getting together a couple nights a week after work and just getting a groove going.  Once we settled on a riff, I'd pick up the bass and work out that line, then we'd bring in our bass player, have him listen to the bass line I laid down, and give him the freedom to tinker with it as he liked to fit to his own style.  Brian and I would work out lyrics, pass them on to our lead singer, and he'd go on to mutilate them with his ever-changing vocal stylings. lol

But yeah, all the fun for me came from those drawn out jam sessions.  He or I would play a lick and one of us would go, "Hold that again."  And we'd build it from there.  And I loved that.

The last ten years, though, it's just been me with my guitar and amp, jamming to favorite bands and songs.  If I hear a song I like, I'll learn it (I play by ear for the most part, and what I can't figure out, I'll look up the tab).  But I haven't actually played music with another person in at least ten years. hmm

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well with the guys I was jamming with I was the only one who could write a decent song, but I held back contributions because I was pretty sure I wasn't going to be a constant in the band and the thought of them performing songs I had written without my involvement later wasn't too pleasing to me.  In fact, when my roommate went the heavier route I decided I'd try to sing to circumvent this problem, but I could never find my own voice - I can mimic like a mother-effer at times but trying to form my own style proved very difficult. 

Much like you I got (get) the most enjoyment just from jammin - I gave up the idea of being a rockstar at about the age of 25 - before I ever even started playing drums.  LOL

My ex-roommate still has that in his sights and if he could ever find an agreeable batch of dependable musicians with like-minded sensibilities I think he has a small chance.  Finding a vocalist which fits has been his biggest obstacle aside from the ever changing roster on the drum-seat.

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Yeah, I never had any delusions of being a rock star.  From the time I started on drums when I was 20, to when I picked up a bass at 24 or 25, to when I started playing guitar at 28 or 29 -- I just liked playing.

I've written a handful of original songs on my own, but nothing extraordinary -- a melodic instrumental for my last girlfriend who used it as her cellphone ring tone ( lol ) and I wrote a diddy when my daughter was born, some others.

I hate bars, but I wouldn't mind being in something like a cover band or something, just for the fun of playing with others in front of someone.  But that's about as far as my musical aspirations go.

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I'm exactly the same - rock a few bars or house parties to an appreciative batch of drunkards is about as lofty as my hopes get.  LOL

edit: and actually that was part of the problem with my roommate and I - he didn't feel I had enough "drive" which I'll be the first to admit that I don't.  I've known some really amazing musicians over the years who never went beyond the local club circuit even after years and years of sweating it out.

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There's a local band back home called the Velcro Pygmies I'm a fan of who have been around for years, but are perfectly content on the club and bar circuit.  They play all over the states.  Check 'em out:

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checked out Punch Line of Pretty - not bad at all.
Reminds me kind of Bon Jovi, but in a good way, if that makes any sense.  lmao

They'd go over big here - nobody's really doing that style of 80s influenced rock locally (except if they're doing covers) and yet the audience is huge for that stuff here still.
San Antonio has one of the strangest local music scenes - it's constantly shifting as to what kinds of music the clubs promote - at one time we had 10 metal bars with gigs weekly, now only 3 or 4.  In alot of ways we're very much behind the times here.  And with the live music mecca of Austin just up the road - everybody always ends up an hour and a half up Interstate 35.

I did go to school and sang for a band that included Union Underground's drummer Josh for about all of 3 weeks.  They did Ozzfest and had a couple of radio hits.
I think we called ourselves Black Lung when he was in the band.  LOL

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I'm with y'all. I always loved playing the bar scenes and being in a college town we played a ton of fraternity parties. Good stuff. Wish I could still do it.

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I've done 2 house parties - never played in a bar aside from my buddy's band allowing me to sit in on the drums during an encore, where we rocked a medley of 'Play That Funky Music', 'Sex Machine' and 'Choke A Little Chicken (Tonight)'
(the latter being an original of theirs, obviously LOL)

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lol I like the title of that last song.

The fraternity parties here can get crazy. We played at one that had over 400 people show up. Which we thought was a HUGE deal. lol

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I played to about 25 the first time and maybe 50 at most the 2nd - and that made me proud

edit-everybody was so wasted we probably could a struck a single chord and got a barely standing ovation though LOL

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I like the title of that last song

that song was funny as hell - "bwok! bwok!  gonna choke a little chicken.  gonna choke a little chicken tonight.  I said, bwok! bwok!...".  It was a funk tune with a rap thrown in the middle referring to how his hand looked like a chia pet.  They were a very conceptual band.  lmao

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Here's an audio clip I did earlier, as a test run after setting up my recording software.  Since having to reinstall my OS earlier this week I lost everything else I'd recorded, so this is all I've got right now.  Just me and my acoustic, playing the intro to Crazy on You by Heart.  You'll hear mistakes, but it was just a test so I ain't trippin'. lol

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Dayum, DH and z3r, cool stuff. smile
And Lon, nice Crazy On You intro!

I'm learning to play guitar - me and my buddy made a video of us making up a song about our history teacher - Mr.Furrer - My buddy is on the keyboards - I'm playing a four stringed electric guitar (only because the other two snapped lol )

So, basically, it's just us jamming out with me singing "Mr. Furrer, Mr. Furrer, Mr. Furrer" in a really weird voice - we both improvised and ad libbed with things like "He drinks beer" and "he wears plad". Everytime I watch this video I just laugh my ass off. lol

So if you wanna see some bad but kinda funny guitar/keyboard playing - here ya go! … sic-thingy

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that's deep stuff, Creatch  LOL
thanks for the props, too, my friend

love that Heart intro Lon, btw  wink

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Thanks, DH. big_smile I felt my soul flutter with the breeze when I was performing that heart breaking tune. tongue

And no problem, both tracks - Damnation and 12 Guage were damn good - you rock on those drums, and your buddy on guitar definitely has talent - dug the guitar solo on Damnation.

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^^That's hilarious! Awesome video.

@Deadhorse man you are killer on the drums! I wish I had those skills.

I have an instrumental I did, the last one I recorded before I had to quit playing the drums. My best feature on the skins was my double kick. Not to toot my own horn or anything, just seemed like I had a knack for it. Anyway, here is a song that I did primarily to show off my double kick. The drum track was played on a Roland V-Club with a couple of extra drum pads added. … tal%29.MP3

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