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I was wondering if any one could help me with a technical problem. I have a MacBook Pro which as a british student i use to watch a lot of my horror movies. This is easier than buying a dvd player and then moving it around everywhere as i have to fly back home often. Because the internal dvd drive is therefore not region free and i live in the U.K i cant play region 1 DVD's. As a lot of you know quite a lot of films are only fully uncut on region 1 DVD's, not on region 2 versions available here and cut by the BBFC. There are versions from europe usually uncut but usually they cost a lot more than their region 1 counterparts or are not available. This is really annoying because there some films i really want to watch uncut but cant. I know i can watch them online as-well but its better to have a physical disc quite often e.g for extras or for special editions (like americans equivalent to Arrow video) etc

So i was just wondering if its possible to find any region free and portable external dvd drives that are compatible with Mac computers or is there a better solution.

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Found this review on Amazon

Or read the 6th post on this page.

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Thanks for the advice and info azathoth