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Hi Guys

I was just wondering something. I have recently bought X files : Season 6 on DVD and intend to re watch season 1-6. Based on what i think are several genuine reviews and opinions of fans of this show they say the quality of the show suffered a major dip from season 7 to 9.

I am just wondering if people in our community have a similar opinion.

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I really like the early seasons before it became a muddled soap opera with an alien conspiracy thrown in..

I love the concept of "X-files" investigating these bizarre cases..  some of my personal favorites are :

Chinga - The Stephen King Episode with the evil doll

Home- The Inbred Cannibal episode ( with special guest apperances from the cast of Wrong Turn, The Hill Have Eyes and Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th Part 2 )

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I was a huge fan up until they decided to let reality fuck things up completely like many shows do by: 1.allowing the lead star to get pregnant, and 2. acknowledging it on the show which will ALWAYS derail a shows season if not the entire storyline and blow the planned continuity.

without scully the chemistry just wasnt there, and when she came back and he left, it just felt like the audience was getting wanked. then the shift turned to finding the damn kid and all that nonsense, and the replacements were drab and less exciting than paint drying. and i like robert patrick, but oh boy did he eat balls in this role. because his character was so repressed.

i like the alien conspiracy, that was a great overall series story arc, whos the good aliens whos the bad ones? never quite sure so just keep watching....and the excellently creepy shorter stories  that took only 2 -3 episodes were great.  or even the single episodes that were just goofy for the hell of it to lighten the tone at times.
the character of tooms will always be a classic.

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Love me some X-Files! The first four or five seasons are definantly the best, when it was more of a "monster of the week" type deal. I plan on buying the entire run when and if they ever release on BluRay.