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Hi guys

I was just wondering if any one has Grindhouse Trailer Classiics on dvd , and if they have what they think of it.

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Re: Grindhouse Trailer Classics

I watched this from the Horror Channel last night & enjoyed the hell out of it. Quite a few of them i already own but i sat with a pen & pad to take down movie that interest me such as:

Blood Splattered Ride
I Dismember Mama
Night of the Bloody Apes
They came From Within

Well worth watching for that alone, i would like to see volume 2 now but i don't think i would actually buy it on dvd cause a trailer dvd is probably something i wouldn't watch more than once.

Re: Grindhouse Trailer Classics

I downloaded a pack off of a torrent site filled with grindhouse/exploitation trailers. Sickest thing ever.