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First off want to say, this is my first try ever at writing a novel, I still have to go over it and fix grammer and spelling error's that occur, but hope you enjoy it so'll get gruesome after awhile to, just so you know. smile

Deadmen Diaries:Dreamcatcher
Written by: Brian Typhair

    The wind howls in the night, the shutters of the old house smash against the broken beaten siding, the sound echo's through out the house. All the halls are darkened only the light from the moon, creeps through the cracks of the boarded up windows, The sound of the wind send chills through the body,the hair on the back of my neck rises. I see a old wooden staircase in front of me,the railings old... paint is peeling from the wood. I wonder to my self what lies at the top of these stairs, I slowly make my way up the old steps, each step making a cracking sound worse then the last, I think to my self “why am I making my way up here, why do I care what lies upstairs of this old abandon house, why am I here”all these questions are playing tricks on my mine. All I know is that I have to do this. I finally make my way to the top of the stairs, even less light makes if through the upstairs windows, The wind is still howling, the sound is starting to pick up, giving my gut a even worse feeling about whats going to happen. I stand at the top of the stairs, staring right at what looks like a door, suddenly it slowly creaks open as the wind howls, shaking the walls of this old house. I put my hand on the wall beside the stair way to help guide my self down the hall way. The feeling of dust starts too build up on my fingers, I walk slowly down the darken hall way. Not a single picture left on the old wall of the previous family, house must have been abandoned for ages, As I make my way closer to the door it creaks open, I hear a cracking sound that echoes down the hallway towards me, I think to my self “Must just be the walls of the old house trying to settle as the wind pounds against it”My heart is slowly started to beat faster. I try to calm myself but nothing works, I stare at the door as the cracking sound grows louder,sound starts to  feel more eerie, chills creep down my spine.

The door swings open more, rats come scrambling out of the old darkened room, I try to move out of the way but theres too man, I freeze in spot. To nervous to movie,  I want to scream as they run over my feet an through my legs, but I try and stay calm. There not after me,it's like they are running away, as if  they are scared of something, but what could they be running from and why are there so many, they must have been feeding on something, what could it be, my hands are shaking, I take a couple deep breathes to calm my nerves. So many thoughts are rushing through my head, I wait till my hands settle...the palms of my hands grow sweaty, a god awful aroma starts too slowly seep into the hallway,could that be the stench of the rats in this old house or could it be something worse,My gut tells me to turn and run down the same stairs the rats did, but I can't I made it this far I have to find out what lies behind this door, I take another deep breath and slowly walk towards the door way, I take another deep breath trying to ready myself for what may lie behind the old door. I close my eyes an press my palm against the door, it slowly creeps open more, My eyes still shut afraid to look.

Then it hits me, the smell over powers my sense of smell, it creeps into my nose an mouth an rams it way down my throat an into my lugs, a toxic smell like no other. The smell of rotting decaying flesh, it makes me want too gag right then and there. I open my eyes to the shock of what I was not expecting. I try to prevent my self from throwing up but the smell grows stronger, my heart starts pounding in my throat like it's trying to rip itself out of my body, or maybe it's the feeling of the puke making it's way up my throat, only time will tell I guess, I look around the dark room as, the light creeps in through the windows. I see a gruesome site I was not expecting something I was hoping I would never lay my eyes on, bodies laying on the floor, spots of flesh ripped right off the bone, I can't make out who they are, are they the members of the family who once lived here, or is it something worse. I  look around an notice one body in the middle of the room, it's a body of a young child hanging from a makeshift hangman nose was this a suicide attempt, or did someone else do this to the person, It can't be a suicide attempt how could a child do something like this, it must have been someone else, the insides of the child hang to the floor, She looks like someone tried to gut her at a slaughter house, I try to hold back the tears but nothing can stop them from making there way slowly down my cheeks, the smell the gruesome scene it's all to much for me to take, as I walk deeper in the room the stench grows even stronger, I pull my black shirt collar over my mouth to try an keep some of the smell out of my mouth, It works for a couple seconds it seems. It finally becomes to much I turn to try an make my way out of the room, an then it happens, The door I came in slams shut, But how could it happen, did the wind do it, theres no one else here but me well thats living that is...
    I walk over to the door an grab the knob, I try to turn it, but nothing, seems to be locked but how it can't be, it must just be stuck stupid old doors do that sometimes right? I ask myself. Then from behind me I hear a thud, I think to myself “what the hell? What now...must have just been the wind or maybe another giant rat or something...yeah that must have been it” I tell myself whatever I can to help calm my nerves I pull on the door more an try an escape but no such luck tonight. I turn around an to my shock something unnatural occurs, the child is no longer hanging from the old beams of the ceiling, she is standing 10 feet from me staring at my feet not making eye contact with me. The her head slowly makes it way up an is looking me right in the eyes, Those eyes of her, they glow a bright green, a evil green like no other I have ever seen in my life time. Her eyes pierce through the darkness, Then she slowly raises her arm an points to me as the flesh slowly falls from her small decaying arm. The flesh is rotting off her arm but how can she be standing. Then she starts to speak, the sound of her voice is harsh an, it starts to crack as it echoes through the room. She says “ you did this to me, you said you were going to keep me safe from the monsters, you said you would always protect me, why did you lie to me, why did you lie....tell me...WHY!!!” Her voice grows louder, her voice is more eerie and evil, I'm speechless I can't say anything other then mumble my words as she stares at me with those green sunken eyes, they are tearing my heart apart, my heart starts to beat faster, it's pounding in my chest, is this a heart attack in the making, is that going to be the thing to save me from this awful place.

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No such luck though, I try to speak but nothing comes out, I'm left standing stiff like a statue being stared down by a 5 year old, but her voice it sounds familiar, but I can't seem to point it out, I;m confused with what's all going on, so many thoughts rush through my head. It has been so long since I heard her voice, I still can't seem to figure it out. She starts to speak again, blood slowly drips out of her mouth, her voice is so familiar but where have I heard it before. “Why did you let them get me, why I thought you loved me...don't you love me uncle...daddy said if anything happened to him you'd protect lets us all down uncle.... that makes me sad...I had faith in you” Then it hits me, but how could it be, I still try an say something but nothing comes out, My throat is dry coarse feeling I back up slowly to the door, stuck trapped the room, wondering whats going to happen next, Finally words come out of my mouth “ I'm sorry hunny, there was nothing I could do, I was to late I'm sorry...I really am...I” a tear slowly makes it way down my cheek, then her voice roars through the room... I don't want to hear your excuses she screams. I take a deep breath an stand still awaiting whats going to happen. “it's your time to join us's your turn for the evil monsters to get you” she says, she looks up an slowly turns her head to the side and gives a evil grin as the blood drips from her mouth, her teeth are blood stained and rotting looking, the skin starts to slowly peel of her cheek bones, as her grin grows bigger. Then in the blink of a eye she jumps on my chest an sinks her teeth into my lower lip ripping it off in one quick fierce bite & then it's over.

I awake from my sleep an sit straight up with the sweat poring down my face, my heart is beating in my chest as I'm drenched in sweat. Just another nightmare I tell myself, just another nightmare of my past. I turn to the side to check on my wife, she's still sleeping so quietly, she looks so peaceful when she sleeps. I say to myself “I'm glad I didn't wake her up this time for once”I pull the covers off an slowly make my way to the end of the bed thinking of the dream, wondering why they have been coming back so much, Am I cracking under the pressure of life is it becoming to much, is my time coming to and end? Is it time to say goodbye to this world?, Only time will tell I guess. They say god has a plan for everyone, I hope they are right, I hope when I'm dead an gone he will keep what family I have left safe from the dangers of the world, or at least what's left of this world. What am I saying I can't act like this and I can't leave them either, the depression becomes to much at times it seems, all I need to do is get a pill an I'll be fine, I need to get back to sleep. I notice my heart beat has started to calm down. I slowly get off the bed an walk to the washroom. I click on the light an stare in the mirror on the medicine cabinet discussed with my self, from the thoughts of the last nightmare. I turn on the old taps of the sink, the pipes rattle a little, I take my hands an slowly run them under the cold water an splash my face with it. Trying to clean the sweat off my face, I slowly reach for the medicine cabinet door and open it,a oh ray of pill bottles big one, small ones, red pills,white pills and blue ones. Reminds me of something from Doctor Mario when I was a kid, I let a little smirk come through, been a long time since I've had a good thought, feels good to be able to smile in a world so fucked up. I reach for the bottle to the far left, pop off the top an take a pill, taste like shit but they always do. The doc said they will always fight away the thoughts of depression seem to always work so far. I put the pills back an close the cabinet, I grab the towel off the sink to clean off the water from my face, I turn around an shut off the light an slowly walk back to the bed room to notice, she's awake now, she's sitting in bed staring right at me with a smile on her face like always. She knows about the nightmares, she knows about the pain about the past she's the only family I got left. Her smile warms my heart every time, she calms my nerves an she makes the pain go away, I smile back at her, her medium length brunette hair is tied up at the back like always, she has the cutest brown eyes and the best laugh, the kind that would make anyone smile, she pats the bed beside her, I walk slowly over to the bed and she ask me about the nightmare, an I tell her about it for the most part, cause she's only human & no one needs to know all the details. There's no need to put those thoughts into her head more. She tells me in her soft little voice that it's all going to be okay an that it was just a dream and, that we will get through it together, we lay back down to bed an cover up as we fall asleep,only to be awakened the next morning to evil moaning an growling sounds from outside.

Just like any other morning the undead creatures wake us, they seem to be more active in the mornings an when theres day light out. Don't really know why an not gonna bother asking them either. You see it all happened 2 months ago.