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"On this island there is no god!"
(New german zombie film)

The death of their father leads the two sisters Hannah and Vanessa on an island.
Meanwhile, a voodoo priest has awful visions. Corpses rise from their graves, evil comes back to the earth!
Which dreadful secret is on this island?


Directed by: Michael Effenberger (Matador-Film)

Edited by: Kai Erfurt               
Written by: Marcel Walz
Music: Michael Donner
SFX: Olaf Ittenbach/ Ana-Maria Santany/ Frank Schröter

Nadin Lucia Brehm
Annina Braunmiller -
Inés Zahmoul
Gabriele Grawe
Benjamin Poost

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Looks pretty interesting, definitely worth checking out. I just hope I still remember it by the time the DVD hits stateside.

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I do love a good zombie movie...

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La Isla is also the name of  a nice lagoon-side shopping  mall outside of Cancun.

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will be on the festival "Weekend of Fear" at 6th may 2011 in Erlangen/ Germany.

Festival-Page: … d=147#Isla

best greetings from germany

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The film will be saled in germany on 28th october 2011 on DVD an bluray … rt_299.jpg

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cool old school theme