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It's about time to get this organized.  Looking for some people to spare some time.  Idea is the group to get together on Skype a few times to pick the movies, and then order them.

That's all for now.  Interested?  Put you name in, all welcome.

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If you will accept my help, I am interested.

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All are welcome.
And how could I turn down the Scooby Ghost?  big_smile

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I'm in, natch'. smile

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On October 1st (6 PM as usual) I'm going to be hosting a get together (on Skype) for anyone who wants to be involved in H-Fest.  Show up on the 1st and you get a voice on which movies will be 'shown,' as well as the order the films are shown.

For those newbies who have not heard about this, I'm going to basically run a 3 day virtual movie fest.  A horror movie every 2 hours for 3 straight days.  (Coffee, sugar, cocaine, and LSD donations happily accepted.  NO.)

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Seriously, do I have an odor about me or something that only 3 people want to help?

I could really use some Aussie help here, hint hint hint hint.

Also, there is always the chance of watching movies later on...

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This is going to end up being a chore, methinks.