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I gave Howdy a chance, but he has brain lock on picking some films.

He still get first choice if he de-ices his brain, but in the meantime, I'm willing to take some suggestion for Night #12, to be done on Sept. 24th.  This will be the last Movie Night before Halloween Fest, so no 'Halloween' or other type movies that are likely to be done over Halloween weekend.

Also, on October 1st (6 PM as usual) I'm going to be hosting a get together for anyone who wants to be involved in H-Fest.  Show up on the 1st and you get a voice on which movies will be 'shown,' as well as the order the films are shown.

For those newbies who have not heard about this, I'm going to basically run a 3 day virtual movie fest.  A horror movie every 2 hours for 3 straight days.  (Coffee, sugar, cocaine, and LSD donations happily accepted.  NO.)

So give me some feedback on everything above.

Re: Movie Night #12 Suggestions

Stage Fright and Opera

Near Dark and The Lost Boys

Zombie (Fulci) and Dead & Buried

The Frighteners and Dead Alive

Just off the top of my head.

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Lon gave me the idea: Peter Jackson night-
Dead Alive & Bad Taste

Discussion closed.  tongue

edit- nice lead up to Halloween without using Halloween films.  Don't like it, talk to Bobo.  big_smile

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not afraid of the monkey

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Pushed back at least a week.  Sorry, I need a break.  I'll let you know.