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I am still here! Been busy with baby biz! But don't worry, The Complex IS coming! My movies are still selling even though I haven't had a lick of time to promote them, so thanks to everyone who's still buying them or telling ppl about them! I'll be around more and more as the baby gets bigger and bigger!


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Hey folks, someone turned me on to this fantastic review of The Aborted I somehow missed! Check it out-
http://horrornews.net/37883/film-review … rted-2010/


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Hey folks! Back again, back again. Sorry I been gone for so long! Moved to Colorado, got a house, a car, a dog, a new job, but I been steadily at work on The Complex and now, she's FINALLY done! Just waiting to get the final proof back so I can approve it. When that's done, you'll hopefully be seeing stuff for it everywhere, including the new trailer etc. So keep an eye out around the nets!



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It. Is. OUt.
There be the trailer for THE COMPLEX and where to buy the damn thing!


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Teaser for new movie...


Pics. Info. Synopsis.



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So, about Bloodgod.


Before we get to what the movie is about, let me tell you the circumstance behind it, skip this part if you could give a shit-



I'd made three movies up until that point, rather successful, fun. But I was at a very rough time in my life, and I knew the only thing that was going to keep me sane was to throw myself into another one. So I went digging through all of my old short stories and I pulled up Anathema. I'd always liked that one. I re-read it, decided it would be a real challenge and I'd have to move things around a bit, I'd also have to rename it.

I'd always like the word Bloodgod.


Most of my cast had moved to another city so I recruited a bunch of newbies (although I did get the old favorites back of course, Cody, Justin, Jared, they're all in there, they have small but substantial parts) and decided to get to filming.

Now I want you to take a second to look around your house or apartment, right now, and tell yourself that you want to make a monster movie....what can you use laying around to make your monster? More than a monster, I'd have to have a transformation scene in there. Most people wouldn't attempt it. But I never let a thing like no money or supplies stop me so I got to building.


It was, up until that point, the most extensive f/x project I'd ever tackled. I'd have to have a FULL monster suit, I was insane to attempt it, but I did it anyway. Everything in the movie is hand painted, hand crafted, made with nothing but infamous Sonny effects. This is before Highway 91...much, much earlier.

We had a ball making it.


It was honestly some of the most fun I'd ever had.

The results was a movie that some people say is my best..but some people LOATHE it. But what can I say? I was at a funny place in my life.


The fact is my fans (and there amazingly a few hundred out there...and they've bought everything I've put out god bless 'em) will like this thing as much as my other films, it's quite different, but when did I make anything that was like anything else? Shit even my zombie movie was pretty kooky. But they know what they're in for, although honestly it is a drop in quality. This was Sonny still finding his footing...I made this thing after The Aborted to give you some kind of perspective. But you folks will dig it was much as anything else I've done.


When I finished it, I moved to the city, hooked back up with the old crew and before I could even think about Bloodgod, I started a new movie (The Last Battleground.)


It's sat on this shelf the whole time and every now and then it would whisper to me..."Sonny, I'm here, remember how much you loved me? Remember the transformation scene? Remember that bathroom scene?"

But it needed a lot of work....it was a pretty troubled editing process. I was working with such substandard equipment back then.

Now though...now it's the Bloodgods time.


For those who have never checked out my previous stuff (and shame on you for crying out loud, you can download most of my movies off amazon for like 2 bucks) I don't know if I'd tell you to start here...if you like what you see and it sounds interesting. Give the sucker a shot, but know first and foremost...the story comes first in my movies. I don't have effects...or the best camera...but goddammit I can tell a motherfucking STORY.


Now I'm done.


Bloodgod follows a guy named Chris. Pretty normal dude. Loves his girlfriend to death.


One day funny stuff begins to happen. He starts bleeding...his stomach starts hurting..his body starts changing and mutating. He's becoming something different.

He sets out on a journey to figure out what's happening to him and why...and if there's some way to stop it.


There's lots of death, destruction, blood and violence along the way.

And believe it or not...by the end...you'll realize that the entire fate of the world hangs in the balance.


We're talking about a favorite theme of mine....hell on earth.

So there you have it, the latest flick from me and DT studios...love them or hate them...for better or worse, this badboy is dropping.

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Hey Sonny long time no speeky man
I gotta check this out man I BOUGHT your others to put bread on your table... I might as well let ya get some butter ....

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It is owesome and so horror 2012 video.............


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Back again, back again. Wasn't dead, just went and had a new baby, moved to Colorado, my computer crashed so I lost everything I'd edited on Bloodgod. But now it's 90% complese, with all new effects!

The images on the left is the newly redone version for the DVD, one on the right is old school.


This one is more subtle, but you can see how the arm is slightly bent. It's a small thing, but it's pretty effective.


Here you can see I got movement in the arm, little tentacles reaching around and shit. Really adds a bit of creepiness to everything.


Bloodgod should be out some time next month, unless another act of God destroys it again, but even so, I'm still going to get this bad boy out

In the meantime here's a cool little review of F13 part 5 I got out. People are finding it pretty hilarious because lets face it, F 13 5 is a fucking crazy movie. Check it out and let me know what you think.

https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos- … 3585_n.jpg

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Hey Hey Sonny hows the no budget film making going man?


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Going good, still not filming anything new, just getting these movies that been sitting on the shelf nice releases!


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The brand spanking new teaser trailer is here for BLOODGOD! Check it out and let me know what you think! If you like it, like it and if you like it still, share it!


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Here's the DVD artwork for BLOODGOD!

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awesome sonny ,, you can count me in I will get it when the norse gods stop attacking my soul!


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Here's some artwork and trailer for the upcoming Down Twisted Release....DOWN TWISTED, which is our first movie finally being officially released on DVD, no more bootlegs! Yay! Here's some DVD artwork for ya'll!


And right after DT we've got Lake Villa Vamps coming up, the new animated flick that's going to start out as a webseries! Here's some test animation!


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Hey so is Down Twisted animated hey I;m just askin hey I'm just abynormal so gimme a half a break at least lol


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Nope, Down Twisted is a live action movie here's a teaser-


Lake Villa Vamps is the animated one!

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Thanks for sharing...................................


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Putting Down Twisted on hold for a little while, Lake Villa Vamps is just taking over everything right now. Making an animated film is so freeing, there's no budget, no limitations, I suddenly find myself able to do things I've only dreamt about in live action, but was never able to do...well now I can...

here's some pics from Lake Villa Vamps-
























We have about 30 minutes done and in the can, going along at a good pace, hope to have this craziness out by the end of the year! Remember you can keep track of all the movie at progress at downtwistedstudios.com!!!

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