Topic: Confusing Tartan DVD releases.

Recently i have been buying asian films on Tartan DVD's. When researching however i have found that Tartan themselves have loads of different dvd versions (just with different cover art and specific labels at top) for the same film (For the Ring (1998)  i saw about 6 or 7 across various websites) so it has therefore been a nightmare trying to decide which versions of various asian films to buy that are available through their own various dvd versions of the same film.. This also includes Tale of Two sisters (as it is a similar situation for them. e.g 1 Tartan DVD released in 2004, 1 Tartan DVD in 2007 and 1 Tartan DVD in 2011). I am only buying this from Tartan because i cant see any DVDS of the same film by another releasing studio.

Anyone else have a similar experience.

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Re: Confusing Tartan DVD releases.

Well the versions, in so far as content, uncut/cut etc won't change. You may get quality issues from label to label, but it's rare that any discernible difference is found for Korean films in the same region code.

This may not be the perfect answer but...

I use this Danish site (which is in English) for  DVD research. You select a single region code or ALL regions combined, type in your movie title and you get a global (if you select ALL regions) offering of DVD reviews from all over. Pretty cool if you're into hunting/comparing DVDs from the UK, Europe, USA/ Canada etc.

Also, I collect Korean horror DVDs (factory and pirates). My site offers the titles I collect and the versions I have. It's pretty anally F'en retentive collecting as Chinese pirate versions sometimes differ only by company logo and box design (slipcase vs gatefold, etc). But some have awesome boxes, embossing, mylar etc. Have 24 diff Bunshinsaba Chinese pirate versions and counting. Anyway, If you ever find / have a version I don't show on my site, please let me know.

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Re: Confusing Tartan DVD releases.

Though not the perfect answer thank you Bunshinsaba for your advice and info. Very useful.