Topic: Creepy Scarlett - a short film

Hello, some of you may have seen the intro thingy from before. Here is the finished short film, Creepy Scarlett - an introduction.

Happy Halloween month everyone. I hope you have candy ready wink

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Re: Creepy Scarlett - a short film

Here is a little 32 second extra we did after the shoot. Bear Hunting with Creepy Scarlett. Done in a sort of Ed Wood tribute style kind of smile People seem to like it so I might do a series of these mini shorts in different styles. would love ur feedback !! smile

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Re: Creepy Scarlett - a short film

here is the link to the first part of the follow up web-comic,, just a small Halloween special that follows on from the film. Trick or Treat with Creepy Scarlett. The rest will be up soon.

Also the Facebook page of Scarlett, There is some really cool art works of Scarlett from different artists.

Thanks for your support! Happy Halloween smile

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