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This forum needs a bit more activity. I'm surprised a DVD forum is relatively slow. Although I consider Blu-ray a separate format, there are disc specific things that make me think this is an appropriate place to post. This isn't just about the movie, it's about the technical qualities of the disc as well.

I "specialize" in smaller titles and catalogue titles. I've got 380 Blu-rays with nary a big title in the Star Wars, no Lord of the Rings, no Avatar. I do have one Batman movie: the 1966 Adam West movie.

One of my regrets about my choice in movies is that I never get a chance to show off my system. I've got a 60" sharp Quattron and a 7.1 channel surround system. However, when your BD collection consists of things like the 1935 version of SHE or Dementia 13, it's hard to impress anybody...or yourself. My taste in movies limits the number of "reference quality" titles.

Fortunately, RARE EXPORTS fills a big hole in my collection. This is an absolutely superb looking disc. I read some other reviews online to make sure my eyes weren't deceiving me. There seems to be near unanimous agreement that this is a first class picture. Others are giving it a 4.5 and 5 star picture rating and I agree. It's very crisp without displaying artificial edge enhancment. Contrast and color are bang on. This image is reference quality. Aspect ratio is 2.35:1.

The audio is also superb. The sound tracks are DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 or uncompressed LPCM stereo.

In most senses, this is a small, intimate movie. There is a small, core cast and the movie takes place in a geographically limited area. I post that as a warning to those of you who may think this is an epic. The fact is, this is a relatively expensive package to buy compared to other such movies. It's very well done with a fold out, book-style holder with both a BD and a DVD. However, some people assume that, if they spend more than $20.00, they are going to get a big extravaganza with car chases smile. That doesn't happen here. This is an appealing, offbeat movie with a new take on Christmas. It's not a thrill-ride...and you need to have a sufficient attention span to read subtitles.

This isn't a movie for everyone but it's perfect for me. It combines my love of small, odd movies with my occasional need to push my home theater system to it's technical limits.

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Can't believe you don't have one "big movies" on Blu ray. I'm kinda the opposite, myself; I have big movie titles (CON AIR, EXPENDABLES, I AM LEGEND, VAN HELSING)  but JUST the LCD flat screen. No sound system otherwise. LOL.  Basically cuz houses these days are so cheaply built that even without a sound system, a loud flat screen fires up from the basement through the floor to the main floor sounding like a bloody sound system. LOL

Anyway.... like Hollywood; like cult too.

Recent purchases this week on Amazon...

MIMIC (guillermo del toro extend cut edition)
ZOMBIE (Fulci)

I have only about 60 Blu rays. Bascially cuz, my BR purchase mantra is.... if I'm not going to watch it more then 5 more times.... I don't buy it.  Anything less? That's why God invented NetFlix and Pirate Bay.


Dex, you should post some pics of your collection here... … 11#p571711

Rare exports looks good I might pick it up this week.


I should say that I do have some "big" movies in my collection but none that would be qualified as modern action or blockbuster flicks. THE SOUND OF MUSIC is a favorite big title in my collection. And my basic reference quality title (used to show off the system) is WHITE CHRISTMAS from 1954.

I think "collecting philosophy" might be a good subject for a thread. I tend to avoid most "big" movies because their recent popularity means that they are readily available. If something is easily accessible on TV or on-demand, why buy it? On the other hand, if it's an JEKYLL AND HIDE TOGETHER AGAIN, that's want I want to own.

Perhaps I'll get a photo of some of my oddities for that collection thread. I only have about 200 discs actually on display. The rest are in clear plastic containers here in the computer room (shortage of shelf space in the living room).

Back to RARE EXPORTS (for the sake of staying on topic). I want to mention that one drawing card for me was the inclusion of SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS as an extra on the Blu-ray (it's not on the DVD). I love that old movie but, not unexpectedly, the print is awful. Every version I've ever seen of it is awful. Nevertheless, having it on the Blu-ray is a pretty neat bonus.

RARE EXPORTS is in Finnish and English...mostly Finnish. I had initially thought this might be a movie where you picked one language or the other: either Finnish with subtitles or dubbed English. Not so. Although there are two audio tracks, they are just sound format variations (DTS-HD MA 5.1 surround or LPCM stereo). But the is no language selection, you'll get some spoken English with the majority of the movie in Finnish with English subtitles.

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I picked up Rare Exports today.  I will give it a go soon.  Too bad there isn't a dubbed version on the disc.  I don't always feel like reading subtitles. 

As for a collections thread, that's a good idea as most of us are collectors smile


I almost rented Rare Exports today, but ended up passing on it because I wasn't in the mood for reading. I will though watch it this wk end.


I was waiting for closer to X mas to rent. Rue Morgue did a great write up on it last year.


I found the flick good, but disappointing. Fell victim of the hype machine me thinks.


Zed_Chuva wrote:

I found the flick good, but disappointing. Fell victim of the hype machine me thinks.

I can understand that.

As "horror" the movie is quite unconventional in the moderns sense. As such some people wouldn't even classify it as horror. In fact, I believe that even the director doesn't think it's a horror film.

Obviously, I don't want to say anything to spoil the film. But, in an era where horror is often categorized by gore, stalking monsters and body counts, this movie may not satisfy the horror requirements of some fans.