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This is based on the subject of "collecting philosophy" that I mentioned in another thread.

For many of us, something COMPELS us to purchases discs. This isn't for streamers or downloaders. But this isn't just about why you buy but specifically why you buy the particular discs that you buy.

Let me start many years ago with a story to illustrate my point. I walked into a local video store and saw people lined up at the cashiers. Turns out, it was the first day that THE SIMPSONS was being released on DVD and dozens of people were buying the DVD sets. I was stunned. In any given TV market, the Simpsons plays daily on multiple TV channels and probably will play on TV for generations to come. And why would people buy standard def DVDs when they knew the show would soon be seen in HD?

I simply could not grasp the idea of people buying things that were freely available in large quantities on a daily basis. Oh, I absolutely understand that they love the show...I just don't get buying it on DVD when you can see it everyday anyway.

So here is MY collecting philosophy. Well, to start off with, I obviously buy those things that interest me. But, of particular importance is that I buy the best quality versions of those things that are rarely seen.

I have many, many DVDs. I don't know how many. A thousand? Maybe closer to two thousand. Several years ago, I moved to Blu-ray. I have about 380 as of this posting. I love the quality which exceeds anything I've ever seen...usually by a significant margin. As such, the quality alone helps justify purchases but it's the content that matters most.

So what kind of things do I think it's worth for ME to own on Blu-ray? I recently bought the extended version of SHE from 1935 with Randolph Scott. I also have the 1977 Japanese horror film HOUSE from Criterion. Of course, Kino's restored 1927 METROPOLIS has to be in my collection. How about POOR PRETTY EDDIE and DEMENTIA 13? Yesterday, I just got the recent Olive Films releases of CRACK IN THE WORLD and HANNIE CAULDER. Tomorrow, 1932's ISLAND OF LOST SOULS by Criterion should arrive. Some of my other Criterion Blu-rays are 1955's KISS ME DEADLY, 1947's THE RED SHOES, MYSTERY TRAIN and ROBINSON CRUSOE ON MARS. There are many smaller offerings in my Blu-ray collection like GALAXINA, THE CRATER LAKE MONSTER, THE CALIFORNIA KID, SCREWBALLS, BASKET CASE and more.

In terms of the less bizarre, I recently acquired a collection of early 1960's Sophia Loren movies all in the original Italian. They are: SUNFLOWER, BOCCACCIO '70, MARRIAGE ITALIAN STYLE and YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW.

These are all high quality and relatively rare. I don't mean "rare" in the sense that the Blu-rays themsilves are rare (you can order them all from amazon), I mean "rare" in the sense of, "When was the last time you saw the high defintion widescreen version of Boccaccio '70 broadcast in Italian"?

What don't I own in my collection? Well, I don't own the Simpsons smile but I can watch it on TV five times a day.

Anybody else have a collecting philosophy?

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I buy every version of the Evil Dead series that comes out.  I just like it that much.

I buy series of TV shows (Bab5, Sports Night, News Radio, the new Doctor Who) that I can watch repeatedly.

I buy movies that I really like (Argento, Bava, Romero films) because I will re-watch.  I will buy some box sets (Lord of the Rings) because there are so many extras (yeah, I'm the freaky guy that will wait to buy the SuperEdition for the extras).

I buy every Disney film for my wife, because she is just weird that way.  lol

But recently I haven't bought anything since this spring due to money constraints.  Tons of stuff I'd like, but such is life.

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well first of all i admit that i am a downloader but it's only to watch something to see if i like it or not i've bought too many films that turned out to be garbage and wasted enough money to not download first and if i like the film i'll eventually buy it. anyways i always read up on a potential film through imdb or the film's website. then i'll decide on wether to get the film on dvd or blu-ray. I think that some films just are unnescessary to get on blu-ray but most action films and horror look much better on blu-ray. most times i'll get the combo packs so you get both versions so problem solved and most films i like are the less than mainstream films so they don't come out on blu-ray so problem solved again. The only tv i've got is all the seasons of ncis and ncis los angeles and a few other shows. It's nice to have movies as most tv is crap and when there's nothing on it's nice to put on a favourite show or movie to pass the time. especially in the middle of the day. and as az said above it's all about the money as to which version, dvd or blu-ray, that i get.

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Ah, I never mentioned my TV series boxed sets.

I have two sets of TV series on Blu-ray: the original TWILIGHT ZONE and SPACE 1999.

These are series which, again, fall perfectly into my collecting philosophy. THE TWILIGHT ZONE is the crown jewel of my BD collection. It's all 5 seasons starting in 1959. The transfers are simply stunning. Not only is it one of the finest TV shows ever made but the Blu-ray transfers are generally regarded as among the very finest of ANY TV show on Blu-ray. And they have uncompressed LPCM soundtracks.

SPACE 1999, while certainly not in the same league as THE TWILIGHT ZONE is another set of wonderful transfers from an outrageously colorful time in history.

And, of course, where else do you see high definition broadcasts of  a 1959 episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE. Who shows SPACE 1999 in HD?

That makes them worth owning for me.

NCIS? I like NCIS. I'm a longtime fan of Mark Harmon. But here's the deal: I can watch NCIS every single day in re-runs. I can catch the first run episodes every week in high definition with my OTA tv antenna...don't even need cable to see NCIS in HD! So I watch NCIS but I wouldn't buy it.

But everybody has their own buying criteria. I'm sure there are more than a few million people who think me owning a Blu-ray of THOSE DARING YOUNG MEN IN THEIR JAUNTY JALOPIES is nuts!

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I have the first 13 seasons of the Simpson's on dvd and plan to own the rest eventually. Why? Why not, I like the sets, their nice and I can watch them whenever I want.

What I don't understand is this Bluray craze. There are some obvious advantages to bluray, but I don't believe picture quality is one of them. Don't get me wrong, the picture is great but no better than when I play my dvds through my ps3 which is connected to my Sony Bravia 40" tv via a Monster 6' HDMI cable with gold plated connectors. Am I doing something wrong or is my eyes bad? I recently purchased Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides on Bluray and was rather disappointed in the picture quality when compared to the rest of the series (which i have and
watched recently on dvd) it wasn't any better. So to me the only thing compelling me to buy Bluray is the special features and maybe digital copy which are being purposely striped from dvd copies so the consumer has to pay $10 more for a Bluray that may have slightly better picture...may have.

Fuck Bluray!

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You're not doing anything wrong.

You've got a small TV.

Like all other visual media, small size creates an artificial sense of high resolution. A photo printed on 4x6 paper from a 2MP camera looks no different than a 4x6 print from a 12 MP camera. That doesn't mean that the resolution is equal. That means that  you viewing area is not sufficiently large to take advantage of the increased resolving power of 12MP.

I often tell people that 40" is about the minimum threshold for high defintion. In other words, at 40" and under, you may be hard pressed to appreciate Blu-ray. But the simple fact is that Blu-ray has 6 times the definition of standard def video. However, like the 2MP vs. 12MP camera, you don't see it on a smaller set.  A 40" HDTV has the same vertical viewing height a 32" 4:3 TV. There was time when that would have been considered large but that time has passed.

Of course, if somebody is happy with a 40" TV and doesn't plan to get a larger one, I have no interest in talking them into equipment that they don't want. But I am a strong believer in "future proofing". I buy for the long term and not just for what I have today. I would use the same argument years ago when people would buy 4:3 versions of movies so that they wouldn't have to tolerate black bars on the top and bottom of the screen. I would say, "OK, I get that...but just remember that if you ever buy a 16:9 TV, you will end up with a bunch of DVDs that have black bars on the sides". Of course, they all now have 16:9 TVs and their old DVDs have black bars at the sides smile.

I would not have expected to own a 60" TV but I do. Sharp (who make my TV) then introduced 70" and 80" TVs last year. This summer, they will start selling a 90"TV. And there are many people who swear by projectors providing images well over 120".

As your display gets larger, you will notice the difference in resolution.

If you never get a TV bigger than 40", you'll be fine with DVD.

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^Thats very interesting...but I guess if the picture on a 40" with dvd is the same as the picture on 50" or 60" with Blu ray then im just saving money on movies and get the same quality picture as everyone forking out extra cash for Bluray tongue lol

Actually me and the wife have been talking about going bigger, 50-60" so if that happens maybe ill be sold on the Bluray after that. But really my arguments seem silly really considering I have never really been a huge fan one way or the other of the whole HD movement. Hell I still have and watch VHS tapes which im content with for the most part.

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I still haven't even gotten a blu-ray, but just to know Galaxina is on blu-ray makes me smile.

my philosophy of collecting films is pretty similar, I only actually cough up for rarities, little known gems and personal favorites, the rest I can easily acquire through other avenues.

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Another thing to think about on Blu-ray picture quality is the discs themselves and the player.  Due to the higher fidelity of BR, it's easier to have a non-perfect rendering.  You're talking a lot of data that can be processed 180 ways to Sunday.  And not all BR players are equal.  Takes a lot of processing power to decode those discs, plus the quality of the graphics chips.  And the screen size thing, too.  I can't tell much of a difference on my 34" LCD, but I can see the difference on my dad's 59" plasma.

Or it could be your eyes  lol

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azathoth wrote:

Or it could be your eyes  lol

In fact, that is a VERY real consideration and I speak from experience.

I don't wear glasses in my day-to-day life. I don't wear glasses as I sit here typing on the computer. I don't wear glasses when I read books.  I don't wear glasses during normal TV watching.

But, when I learned to fly in 1976, (yes, I'm old but I was a teenager in 1976) I got glasses because of the more stringent vision requirements to fly. I haven't flown in years but I still have the glasses.

When I first got into high defintion, I sat down to watch an HD disc just as I had always watched TV. I thought, "This is good...but not really great". Then, for some reason, I found my old glasses and put them on. Suddenly, the picture came alive with fine, sharp  detail! But, when I watched DVDs or regular TV with my glasses, it had minimal effect.

So now I keep a pair of glasses in a case next to my Blu-ray player. When I watch a Blu-ray, I wear my glasses.

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I like buying TV show box sets of my fav shows.
And I'll buy any 'The Crow' DVD's there are. Though I have not bought the TV series yet.
I also like to buy box sets of movies series.
Other than that, I buy what I like or what may seem interesting to me.

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I own a few box sets of the TV shows I liked when I was a kid (or a young guy).

I find it odd that we have 100 stations, most of them showing CSI reruns but most of the really old shows are nowhere to be found. I appreciate that my taste is out of the mainstream but do people really need to see the same things repeated on every channel (seriously, how many stations now rerun CSI?).

The first show I remember buying on DVD was THE THUNDERBIRDS. That's the old "Supermarionation" kid show. I went on to buy several other Supermarionation shows on DVD (SUPERCAR, STINGRAY, CAPTAIN SCARLETT, FIREBALL XL-5). I also have UFO which was produced by the same guy who made those Supermarionation shows.

I own a few of the Irwin Allen shows: LOST IN SPACE and TIME TUNNEL plus some (but not all) of VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA.

I also have the Lynda Carter WONDER WOMAN show. Man, did I LOVE Lynda Carter.

There's not a lot of classics TV on Blu-ray but I do have a couple of gems. I have season one of SPACE 1999. It lasted two seasons and, supposedly, they are working on getting season two Blu-rays soon.

The absolute CROWN JEWEL of my whole Blu-ray collection is my complete set of the original TWILIGHT ZONE on Blu-ray. It ran from 1959 to 1964. The Blu-ray transfers are astounding. The shows are fantastic and the discs are loaded with extras. It's as close to the perfect Blu-ray release as ever existed.

Like my movie collection, my TV collection is largely based on shows that are not available on TV anymore.

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I really buy things that I've seen before and must own. Sometimes they sit in their wrappers never to be watched again but my dvd collection contains a lot of dvds that are watched that often that the boxes are dropping to bits and the discs can't take another spin! Fight club and Hot Fuzz will probably need professionally sorting out!

I own all the CSI boxsets, the Buffy special edition box set and some anime boxsets that I do watch over and over. Especially Chobits which is kept safe in a dust proof box and isn't to be touched by human hands. (Yeah so I am over exaggerating but it is precious to me).

I also own a lot of stand up comedy.

I have endless children's videos. Mostly because I cannot justify spending £15 on a dvd that is just a re-release of something I have on VHS. Plus, I can go to the local 2nd hand shop and buy 10 videos for £1 and that's my 3 year old happy! I also, don't see the hype of blu-ray. I didn't see the hype of dvd when that came out either.

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UltraViolence wrote:

... I also, don't see the hype of blu-ray. I didn't see the hype of dvd when that came out either.

The hype of Blu-ray is pure, simple, incontrovertible mathematics.

1080 x 1920 = 2,073,600

2,073,600 pixels per frame. That's what a Blu-ray delivers.

A DVD delivers a maximum of 345,000 pixels per frame (for anamorphic widescreen, less for 4:3 material).

DVDs deliver data to your display at about 4 mbps. Blu-rays are closer to 30 mbps.

It's a choice between a 2 megapixel image with low compression and a 0.34 megapixel image with high compression. If you are watching it on a big screen, it makes a lot of difference.

Also, Blu-rays usually offer either uncompressed soundtracks (LPCM) or lossless sopundtracks (DTS HD Master Audio or Dolby TrueHD). All DVD soundtracks use lossy compression.