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Hello guys :-)

After 15 years as a Graphic Designer in Europe, I am currently back to college in San Francisco, learning how to make movies. Because I am a horror fan, I am mostly working on this kind of projects ;-)

My graduation piece (coming this September, hooray) is called Patient Zero and is based loosely on the Resident Evil universe. I am directing it and working on the post-production visual effects - and it will require a lot of them!

If you want to help, like the Facebook page of Patient Zero :-)

I am also working on my friend's Mychel graduation piece (coming thisJune, Hooray to him) called Death Prophet. An original story about a Black serial killer. I have been his DP (Director of Photography) and am currently working on the post-production visual effects - and it will require a lot of them too, lol

If you want to help, like the Facebook page of Death Prophet :-)

I am going to use the blog to tell you more about these two projects - and a few more, as I am working on the effects of a lot of non-horror movies ;-)

Thanks for reading,

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Here comes my second teaser for Patient Zero. You can either  download it or watch it in HD.

I think there should be a third and last teaser in a few months. A teaser, or a trailer. Not sure which one yet.

Thanks for your support, you guys are great! 500 fans on Facebook, almost 400 on Twitter, this is amazing :-) We are all really thanksfull for your support. Keep spreading the word about REFF to your friends, and remember that if you want you can also donate - and get something back ;-)

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Hey guys  smile

Here is Patient Zero's long awaited trailer! It is available in HD from Youtube, Vimeo and our website. I hope you like it :-)

Patient Zero will be released online for free on Halloween 2011. It will be translated (subtitles) in 7 different languages including French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Italian, Russian, Danish and Norwegian.

Support us by sharing the trailer with your friends :-)

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The Sound Files is the name of Patient Zero's soundtrack, created by Yasser Mahammedi and his band Lucas Tools. Not all the tracks of this album are used in Patient Zero but they are all used, at one point or an other, in Patient Zero's promotion.

You can download the Sound Files for free, here. This album is protected under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivs License (CC-by-nc-nd), which means that you can download it and share it with whoever you want, but you can't sell it or remix it without asking the owner of the rights permission to do it.

Yasser is avery talented artist, influenced by Akira Yamaoka, Joy Division, The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, etc. He lives currently in Tunisia where he is working on the soundtrack of an other American short movie called EmVerse.

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17 days are left, so you can get your name in the end credits of a Resident Evil fan made movie! Clic the link to discover more perks, as you are helping us fundraising Patient Zero :-)

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Happy Halloween!
Patient Zero, my Resident Evil fan film, is online! View it in 9 different languages in the official website ( ) or the Youtube account ( ).
If you like it, link to it or upload it in your own blog/website/Youtube account, etc :-)

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I'll have to check it out after the weekend, big Res Evil fan, too.
Nice avatar, by the way.

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Thank you, Azathoth :-) Let me know what you think of this project, I welcome any constructive criticism ;-)