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After the above reporting period (my previous post) which showed a dramatic increase to 40% market share for Blu-ray, there was, as expected a decline the folowing week to 30%. Now 30% is still excellent considering that, until a couple of months ago, Blu-ray was stuck around 20%.

I anticipated that this weeks report might show another decline as BD settled into a "normal" range in the 20's after a months of unusually high market share.

I'm pleased to say I guessed wrong. In fact, Blu-ray returned with it's second highest market share ever...beaten only by the 40% shown in my last post.

And it was 120% higher than the same week last year. Also, as in my previous post, although DVD sales declined, the increase in Blu-ray sales was so strong that it more than offset the DVD decline and so disc based media actually recorded another strong week of growth: 9.47% over the same perioc last year.

33.5 million U.S. household now have Blu-ray capable playback devices. That's a 52% increase over this time last year.

I wonder now if, perhaps, we really are reaching that tipping point where BD replaces DVD as the dominant physical media.


"Earlier today, the Digital Entertainment Group, a Los Angeles-based, industry funded nonprofit corporation that advocates and promotes the many consumer benefits associated with various entertainment products, including both physical and digital media on a variety of platforms, reported a 5% increase in home entertainment spending in Q3. The increase, which is the first since the first quarter of 2008 when the economic downturn began, is driven by a surge in Blu-ray sales. "

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Re: Home Media Future

Time for another chart smile.

I just found this from the Digital Entertainment Group.

It's useful because it gives us a look at how things stand today (well, actually how they stood in the thrid quarter ot 2011).

Basically, the blue and red tones are physical discs.

I see that the actual PURCHASE of discs remains the overwhelming source of home video entertainment spending. Nothing else really come close. 44% of revenue from disc sales and 35% from disc rentals.