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Wow, what a weekend!  In retrospect, it really is hard to explain it from my view.  I spent so much time talking with various folks (see my thanks below), thinking about the movies' order, time differences, and my (probably very annoying) public campaign on the forum.

And then I tried to stay awake as much as possible to talk/chat with everyone for as many movies as possible.  I literally fell asleep on people every single night.  No, "I'm tired, gotta go."  I woke up a few hours later with my laptop still in my lap every time.  And from what I've gathered, from 6PM Friday to 4AM Monday morning, there was always someone on the chat.  Just, wow.  (If you are interested, here was the whole schedule.

First, thanks to Meh and HM for letting me pull this thing off.  He and this site rock the horror universe.

Now to quote myself from Ghosty's very nice thread, I give the following thanks:

Thanks Ghosty, for the very kind words.

I'd like to give thanks to Lon, HorrorQueen, & Creature for helping me out with the schedule.  To Revenge, HQ, and Baby_Firefly for taking off hours so I could get some sleep.  To SheSaid for helping us find a slew of streaming video sources for the films.  To Puppy for her constant bumping of my thread (bonus squeaky for you).  And to my very own Vampy for helping work out problems and for all of her support <hugs>.

And of course to all those who attended (including those above)- Garden, Ghosty, Golem09, Deth_Banger, the infamous Cap Howdy, MorgueX, SwollenGuy, Wolfy, and ZeroCool.

Without all of these people, it would have just been me watching movies all weekend.  With them, it was an insane, fun get together to share what we all love- horror films!

I started a movie-by-movie update here, when I was awake.  lol  Not all that interesting, but it does have some odd bits from some of the more, ah, bizarre conversations that took place.

Overall, I was happy with the result.  There were people on all the time, throughout the world's timezones.  Several people got to see films they had not before with fellow horror fans, which is what I'm most proud of.

If anyone who participated wants to chime in, feel free.  (Revenge, you can even make fun of my snoring!)  And HorrorQueen has promised a retrospective pictorial on womens' hair styles in 70s/80s horror films. Thanks again everyone!  big_smile

[Much later edit- after the various responses in several different threads, I realized that a bunch of people became, I won't say friends, but good acquaintances?  I find that cool.]

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Re: HM HFest 2011 Recap had great updates between movies,  Sounds like it was a great success with people being on all the time, and from ALL over the place!  Amazed you could stay awake as much as you did.  smile  Thanks again Az.

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Your welcome Az. I did have a lot of fun, especially on House and Rejects and American Psycho. Shesaid? is a funny bitch xD and I had Wolfie to hang with. Also The Loved Ones with Shesaid? and Gardenofstone was great.

I had a good time. Fell off a little with Interview but it was late for me and random times for other people but overall I thought it was awesome.

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I had a blast from when we were watching movies with a group to when it was just me and Zero watching Demons, one of the best times and I can't wait to participate in the weekly/monthly ones and help out as much as I can!! 

PS.....Baby Firefly got me into a lot of movies and tv shows this weekend inspired by the horrorfest as well, so all good things come from that, thanks babe!

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Yaay. I am glad! I so knew that you would love it xD.

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I think it's safe to say that HM HFest was a World Wide Event! So much fun!

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your the bitch firefly! hahaha that makes me the asshole.