Topic: Deadliest Horror Movie Warrior, ROUND 5

With the first Monthly Final match taken care of, it's now back to the weekly rounds.  This week we have:

Quirky zombie exterminator vs gnarly vampire eradicator.  Have at 'em!

Before voting, please remember THE RULES:

1. Vote objectively for who you think is deadlier.  This is not a popularity contest.

2. Please be sure to comment below to explain why you came to your decision.  Those who do so, your votes will count as FIVE VOTES

Those who do not, or those whose explanations are in regards to the character's popularity rather than an objective comparing of the characters' abilities (see rule #1), your vote will only count as ONE VOTE.

3. Voting will be open for seven days, at which time I'll post the results.

Have fun, and vote responsibly. smile

Re: Deadliest Horror Movie Warrior, ROUND 5

Though Franky got some funk going on, buffy has some inate traits plus ass-kicking training.  His gun may be useful, but he does not have gunfu, so I think I have to give it to Buffy.

Winner- Buffy.

Re: Deadliest Horror Movie Warrior, ROUND 5

Weighing in at a mere 120 lbs you'd think Buffy could be easily over powered by her foe(s). Not this gal! Buffy's, been trained in martial arts by one of the top masters, and has honed those skills. She's also accustomed to battling fast moving & cunning vampires, being attacked unexpectedly by usually more than one vamp at a time, even being cornered or limited in movement. Despite all this, Buffy's over came the odds and has come out victorious each and every time. Using enhanced speed, lethal hands/feet, to drive a stake into the hearts of her victims.

Francisco, may be a pretty relaxed kind of a guy, but is always ready to take down a zombie or two, or even three, if need be. He's been doing his job for quite some time now. Polished in the art of putting the rising dead back where they belong. Francisco, has become too confident in his ways! The zombies he's been taking out through the years are SLOW moving. Unlike the Woman he's battling now. Who's lightning fast.

Francisco may be able to get a shot or two off, he may be lucky enuf to even graze Buffy in the arms or legs? That's about it though! Buffy easily handles, Franky in this match-up. Kicking & punching him till he's on his knees, bruised and battered, sucking wind, and out of ammo. Buffy takes down the slower, less capable Francisco outta his misery. Coming up from behind him and snapping his neck like a twig!

                                           Winner: Buffy...who never even broke a sweat.

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Re: Deadliest Horror Movie Warrior, ROUND 5


Buffy is trained, equipped and a chosen one. Francisco is good at learning and adapting on the fly but no real hardcore training like buffy. Movie and TV Buffy has dealt with Vampire leaders and hoards, a fiercer, stronger more cunning enemy then zombies.

Re: Deadliest Horror Movie Warrior, ROUND 5

I realized that I should help Lon out again since he's busy, so here are this rounds results.

1 vote, no explanations = 1 point

3 votes (3) + 3 explanations (15) = 18 points


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Re: Deadliest Horror Movie Warrior, ROUND 5

Am I too late? If so, sorry about that, I'm just going to make this post anyway. lol

As much as I like Cemetary Man more then I ever will Buffy The Vampire Slayer, I've gotta vote Buffy.

She's just as tough as Francisco, but definitely more trained and skilled in her feet and hands during combat. She'd kick the dude's ass, no problem. Even if she didn't have a gun and he did.

So without a doubt, the winner should be Buffy.

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Okay, well, now that I'm back online full-time for the time being, I'm wondering if there's interest enough in these polls to keep putting up a new one each week?  Mind you I'm not pissing and moaning or anything, or pandering for more participation.  If it's not a popular thing, I don't see any sense in continuing with it.

Any opinions?

Re: Deadliest Horror Movie Warrior, ROUND 5

Buffy has super strength.. so unfortunately she wins..

Re: Deadliest Horror Movie Warrior, ROUND 5

^^  Two points:

1) I really like these polls and hope you keep doing them. 

2) Clearly, since the last holiday celebrated a couple weeks ago, activity on this forum has dropped significantly.  Not sure when it will pick back up.  So, not sure if it will be worth your time if there isn't more participation for your poll?

So...maybe do another one and see how it goes?  Or, just do them for a few people's benefit.  Whatever you decide it's cool with me.  smile  Glad your back again.

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Re: Deadliest Horror Movie Warrior, ROUND 5

Right on.  And...heh...I seriously did just realize today's Friday, the day I usually post them, anyway LOL.

But, I'll put up a new one tomorrow and just do them on Saturdays from here on in.  Much obliged for the feedback, Ghostie. smile

Re: Deadliest Horror Movie Warrior, ROUND 5

^^  I seriously hope you'll have the time and will continue to post these "versus" battles. I've had a LOT of fun, more so than with any other topics/threads on this site, and have enjoyed writing who I think would win.

Re: Deadliest Horror Movie Warrior, ROUND 5

Buffy, cause she is trained to kill vampires, which are a much more deadly foe than zombies. I say she takes him out pretty easy.

And Lon, I love seeing the match ups you put up here and advocate for the continuation of such smile

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How I'd break it down:

I think you guys all pretty much nailed it.  Dellamorte may be a skilled zombie killer, and he may have gone on a bit of a shooting spree in Cemetery Man, but here he's facing an opponent who is stronger, faster, more agile, a better fighter, is armed with a weapon which doesn't run out of ammo and whose monster-killing experience is against a monster a helluva lot tougher to destroy than a zombie.

My take: Buffy wipes the floor with Dellamorte without breaking a sweat.