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I am producing my first indie feature length horror film called DogFace Bridge.  I'd love feedback and opinions of the trailer and idea if you have a moment to check out the page:


Also I can't seem to figure out the poll option on here. 

1.  Would you watch this movie on Netflix streaming or Redbox based solely on the TITLE?

2.  Would you watch it based on the TITLE if there was cool artwork...without reading a synopsis?


Re: DogFace Bridge

Q(1) No
Q(2) No

I wouldn't watch any movie solely based on it's title.
The trailer looks o.k. Good luck on your project!

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1 and 2) Prob not, but I might be more apt to check out the info for it.

I checked out the Trailer, and I gotta ask, this is seriously going to be a feature length?  I'm not trying to be a prick.  If so, this is kinda a campy movie then?  It does look interesting, and I might give this a chance.

Good luck!

Re: DogFace Bridge

1) No I wouldn't watch it purely based on the title, it's not descriptive enough for me to know what I'd be watching

2) No, I very rarely watch a film without reading a synopsis first, and artwork would be very unlikely to persuade me to do so

I watched the trailer but there doesn't seem to be enough about the actual story to give me a taste of what it would be. Plus I'm not being rude or anything but I wouldn't watch something that markets itself by saying  "if you like sex and dead chicks watch this". Possibly my rampant feminist side coming to the front but that's not a marketing ploy ever likely to sway me