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In honor of all those who have served this country proudly and honorably, sacrificing themselves, and having to be away from their loved ones, all in the name of freedom. I would like to say " Thank You." I admire, appreciate and am forever indebted to you all.

God bless & God speed!

A special thank you goes out to, Lon. For his service to this country!
"Thank you, Lon!!!"

If there's anyone else on this site who has served? Please speak up so you can be recognized, and most of all respectfully thanked.

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Found out today that my boss served in the Vietnam war, so I bought him lunch and of course thanked him.

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^ very cool.

Thanks to all the vets

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Thank you to all of those who have served or are still serving, and to those who gave their lives to protect ours.

Also I would like to thank the wives/husbands and families that supported their loved ones throughout their service, you are also truly brave and selfless

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Thanks all. Me and another Vet buddy went and got our free meal at Applebees. Belated, but Happy Vet Day to all it applies too!

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Thanks guys.  Undie, you're a class act, man. smile

SW -- I was driving through town yesterday with my mom and passed an Applebees which was still advertising Veteran's Day, when mom said veterans get to eat free at Applebees.  I didn't know they did that and felt I'd been just a smidge cheated. lol

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Found out recently that our local council has a scheme where ex service personnel can get a free pass for all council run leisure activities. Going to grab myself one and enjoy the free gym, free swimming and free golf big_smile

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In the states, veteran's automatically qualify for a free vendor's license.  So if I ever decide I want to sell sodas, chips or pastries out of the back of my car, I'm all set. lol